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Ikuti dan ramaikan guys!
Asah kemampuan anda di bidang catur!
Tempat main free wifi dan enak untuk santay, strategis deh pokoknya

Buat yg hoby catur pasti nyesel gak ikut!
Ayo kalo berani daftar! 😆😜😜 #RestoGriyaGarden
User Image everythingiskay Posted: Jun 4, 2017 1:05 PM (UTC)
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This man offered to play #chess against me but I told him no as I didn't know the rules of the game. To be honest, I actually did know the rules. Just had my first proper game of chess just yesterday. Realised I was quite shit at it. Thought I'd save myself the embarrassment until I could do better (which I definitely will. I must be good at everything) I love finding free stuff in this area especially on #sundays . Sundays in #E1 are usually comprised of overpriced street food + annoying (jk) tourists + annoying hipster shops selling whatever product is trendy these days (usually fetishised orientalist products; today I saw traditional coffee sacks selling for £4) Tis quite a refreshing way to spend your day. He was playing two games at once and had four boards in total spread out in front. Shutting down stereotypes that men can't #multitask 😅 Go find him if you're ever on #Bricklane on sundays #chessforfun