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Now @phatboy_305 @bishopbeve @newera_je - What did we say Last Week about Kolyon - We was telling you the truth - and you called us Haters? So @saycheesedigital hating on Kolyon too now? Y'all Niggas is Delusional about the wave Kolyon has in Florida - I told you that @kodakblack @lilpump and @smokepurpp have the Wave in Florida and Nationwide - @donkolyon Tell yo brother go back to robbing McDonald's he better at #Robbing 😢💣 then #Rapping 🎤
Bump your #game night to the next level with the 7-in-1 set that includes #chess, #checkers, #backgammon, #cribbage, #dominoes, playing #cards and #dice

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