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User Image ohmyfoodcoma Posted: Nov 25, 2017 5:01 AM (UTC)
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So about the time I had about 4 cups of Hong Kong style milk tea in rapid succession. #港式奶茶
#FlexFriday food challenge edition, back when I did the Reilly burger challenge at Eagles Deli next to Boston College! This was the day after the @officialocb_page show last year in Peabody MA.
The Reilly Burger challenge is a 3lb burger, 12 pcs of American cheese, 2 lbs of fries, 1 pickle and a fountain soda in under an hour, needless to say, after not eating anything remotely close to this for months on end prepping, I craved something like this and demolished it, and it was so damn good! I was able to do it before our team had to go back to work, should’ve seen people stopping by looking in the window when they saw this beast (the burger, not me 😂)! It’s ok to do this every once in a blue moon, especially after a very long prep like I did, just can’t make it a habit, you don’t want to lose everything you worked so hard for in a matter of days/weeks, it’s all about moderation, self control, and not letting a cheat meal turn into a cheat day or even worse, a week.
#foodchallenge #foodie #bceagles #burger #burgerchallenge #foodlover #foodnetwork #challenge #fitnesswholeburgerinmymouth #burgertime #burgerlove #burgers #foodbeast #beastmode #cheatmeal #epiccheatmeal #dietsoda #foodporn #foodphoto #physique #physiquecompetitor #fitness #fatboy #challengeaccepted #goldsgym #flex
User Image wongnai Posted: Nov 25, 2017 5:00 AM (UTC)
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บะหมี่เจ้าดังย่านตลิ่งชัน ร้านนี้เค้าขึ้นชื่อเรื่องเกี๊ยวยักษ์ ไส้แน่นๆ เน้นๆ แต่ชามนี้นี่บอกเลยว่าต้องยอมเพราะมาพร้อมหมูสับแผ่นใหญ่ เห็นแล้วผมนี่หิวเลยครัช ~
📍ลุงหนึ่งเกี๊ยวยักษ์ ซอยวัดอินทราวาส กรุงเทพฯ
📷ขอบคุณภาพสวยๆ จากคุณ t i k
อย่าลืมแท็ก @wongnai #wongnai เวลาโพสต์ของอร่อย
User Image naiisse14.fitmum Posted: Nov 25, 2017 4:59 AM (UTC)
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Hello les peanuts 🥜 💕 !!
Cette semaine pas eu beaucoup de temps pour poster photos et recette 🙄...
🍁 j'ai terminé ma semaine 8 du P4S de notre championne @kara.bellum
Photos évolution à venir 💪🏋️🔥.
Toujours un grand plaisir à faire ton programme kara et hâte d'arriver à la 12 ème de commencer le P4S ❄️. ________________________________________
Aujourd'hui fête en famille nous fêtons notre thanksgiving, dinde, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cranberry et j'en passe... 🤤
Tout le repas à faire maison avec ma sœur @lecerfamandine 😍.
Ce soir big big #cheatmeal / #repasplaisir.
#musculation #shape #shapeabs #abs #p4sautomne #karabellum #programmedes4saisons #p4s #fitnessmotivation #muscu #frenchgirl #biceps #biendanssapeau #nopainnogain #last #instafitness #instafit #fitnessmum #sportaddict #motivation
User Image Posted: Nov 25, 2017 4:57 AM (UTC)
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User Image new.jintana Posted: Nov 25, 2017 4:56 AM (UTC)
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หมูกะปิ ไข่ดาว
User Image ismawel99 Posted: Nov 25, 2017 4:52 AM (UTC)
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Nothing like a feast after a day of feasting, right? 😜 Be sure to come to our Brea location if you want beer 🍺🙌🏼 #elbowsmacncheese
User Image eatspost Posted: Nov 25, 2017 4:48 AM (UTC)
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video by: @soyummy 😍
follow us (@eatspost) for more! 🍫🍕🍰🍦
User Image al_ek Posted: Nov 25, 2017 4:46 AM (UTC)
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al_ek 15m ago
Homemade Eclairs for Thanksgiving 🤤
Happy weekend guys! Bingung cari tempat nongkrong asik ?mau minum coffee tapi sambil makan cake,salad dll?ga usah bingung deh buruan pergi ke @cariboucoffeeid
Di sini mereka menjual berbagai mcm kopi pilihan dan cake2 yg luar biasa! Terutama ini nih banana carrot cake nya juara banget!! ❤️
Banana carrot cake 38k
Beef bacon egg bagel 52k
NY cheese cake 35k
Caesar salad 55k
Double chocolate budino 60k
Greentea lemonade sparkling/peach black tea sparkling 35k
Lasagna 65k
📍 @pakuwonmallsby @cariboucoffeeid .
#cariboucoffee #cariboucoffeeid #f52grams #pakuwonmal #surabaya
Nothing like some pizza, beer and wings after Thanksgiving 😉🙌🏼🍕🍻 WINGS ONLY AVAILABLE AT OUR LONG BEACH LOCATION‼️ #ranceschicagopizza
Bakmi bintang gadingudah terkenal dan punya banyak outlet dijakarta lohh..
Dan yg spesial udah pasti bakminya.. biasa gw selalu minta toppingnya full chasiu.. Enaknya dia lsg dapet pangsit goreng dan pangsit rebus..
Tiap makan ini gw selalu tambahin minyak wijen di mienya.. jadi wangi banget. Tekstur mienya juga chewy habis..
Rekomen nih buat yang demen makan bakmi makasar

💸 : 30K
🐖 : ✔
📍 : BAKMI BINTANG GADING (Citra 6 , cengkareng)
🔎 : @bakmigading

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