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Simple things are beautiful. All you need is a nice font, wooden box and a ribbon to leave a long standing impression in your clients.
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everyday i think of you, and hope that no matter where you went that everything's finally at peace. this one's for dad.
What a morning I’ve had!
Started with me deciding to show my sore legs who’s boss by treating them to more hiking. So I took the train up to Riffelsee for the sunrise and stumbled all the way down to Zermatt. I’d like to thank my Gitzo tripod for saving me from falling face first into rocks, several times. I don’t pride myself on my fitness (or my ability to walk normally in a straight line, in fact), but it was a good hike! You guys should do it if you get the chance, an 80 year old man passed me on his mountain bike so it’s definitely a walk in the park. Unless you’re clumsy like me, in that case bring a large stick.
It's disheartening to see when our green spaces, heritage sites - our oasis in this sea of urban squalor - are neglected by government, seemingly unvalued. This garden was once a cemetery, where the remains of luminaries like Dr Jose Rizal and the GomBurZa martyr priests were once buried. Today it is a convenient parking lot for trailer trucks, tourist buses and taxi cabs. Only in the Philippines will you find heritage sites appropriated for free parking 😐. Because nobody cares.
today's coffee views sponsored by pink sand beaches and overcast weather which is actually my favorite
Interrupting the flow of moody pics of overcast Stockholm to unashamedly fangirl about finally getting my hands on this beauty. I've been waiting for more about Lyra's world (and Dust!) ever since I was a kid, bewitched with His Dark Materials trilogy. Time to do a fairly sloppy affair of tomorrow's uni assignment and dive into parallel Oxford. #BookofDust
Early on in the wedding planning process, I dreamed of having fresh eucalyptus crowns for me and all my bridesmaids. My dear friends Shawna and Poyu from @2sisterseventsanddesign were determined to make that dream come true! They lovingly designed these beautiful pieces and had them sent up to Boston. 😱 I could barely contain myself when they were unwrapped and placed on our heads! Wow. Just wow. Also, my sister @mollysuchy is super pretty. ♥️
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