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User Image beccamayoharrison Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:43 AM (UTC)

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We were missing a few from our group but we had a fantastic time on our grocery store tour! This is the best group ever!
Each one of these birds have been through sunshine and rainy days yet at this distance they all look the same. We are all going through great times and even hard times and at a distance still carry a smile that projects a happy and successful life when in reality it hides our inner battles. We are not perfect in any way we all have our flaws and Just like these birds are able to fly regardless of what days/storms they have been through we can all do the same and FLY towards a better life regardless of our past or our current situation! #noperfectimage #fly #dream #plan #take #action #motivate #motivation #life #changeyourmind #changeyourlife #fitfam #fatfam #skinnyfam #gym #gymrats #broken #hurt #pain #gain #life #ironfamily #helpeachother #NPI
User Image lifeofdifference Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:43 AM (UTC)

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Summer days in New Zealand... 🌞🌡... What will you do to make this your best year ever?? My goals include a trip to Europe, buying an electric car and attending Date with Destiny with big Tony. Can't wait to make those happen!!!
User Image jackiepe12 Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:42 AM (UTC)

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🚨 Amazing results 🚨

Look at Rosie 🔥🔥😍😍 a healthier Rosie... She didn’t give up and she’s not giving up. She’s still pushing through and getting better, stronger, and fitter everyday. 💪🏽👊🏽 Never give up on yourself before others give up on you... You have no idea of what you’re capable off until you do it. It’s so worth it because you are worth it... #amazingresults
User Image crystalriordan Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:37 AM (UTC)

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Know when you're at the grocery store and you're staring at the screen hoping and praying your card doesn't get declined. 😟
Would I be able to pay for the groceries we needed. Would it get declined and feel so embarrassed and ashamed.
That was me. More times than I liked to admit. Staring at the screen, hoping it'd say "approved". That one little word meant so much to me.
Thanks to this side business I was able to pay for my groceries and not be worried about whether or not it'd get declined.
That is one of the best feelings in the world! 😊
Are you tired of staring at the screen hoping and praying you'd see that one little word "approved". You can change that! 👍 Reach out to me today!
The process of soaking my veggies in kangen water 11.5 ph to ensure a pesticide/herbicide free produce never gets old🙌🏽💦 healthy eating is a lifestyle- make your habits be of value to your health💯 #chemicalfreeveggies #kangenwateristhebest #makeyourhabitshealthy #tunedin#turnedon#tappedintosource #healthiswealth #changeyourwater#changeyourlife
User Image drnyc7 Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:36 AM (UTC)

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drnyc7 8m ago
Oh #Monday how I’m ready for you. Going & Growing #Greater in every aspect of life. Allowing God to do what He said He would do & #IAM doing my Part! Ready, Set... #GROW!
User Image bbstrunksjourney Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:35 AM (UTC)

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My schedule over flows which actually makes me very happy. I am thankful I get to work from home. I see your messages in my inbox and promise I will respond tomorrow. Had to take care of grandma this weekend so just watching some football! #iamthatgirl #iammyownboss #grandmasarethebest #shesreallymymotherinlaw #patriotsfan #happygirltonight #greatgame #brady #bill #schedule #workfromhome #changeyourlife #agingparents #alzheimersawareness #alzheimers #dementiasucks #tripledose #unbreakable #goaldigger #readyformonday #ineedasweatsesh
Semua milagroser pasti pernah dapat yg beginian "Pak, sy mau nyoba Milagros 1 botol dulu" "1 botol lebih baik ga usah pak daripada nanti Anda bilang Milagros ga ada pengaruhnya" ‌Usia Anda berapa sekarang.???
‌Berapa banyak konsumsi obat.???
‌Berapa banyak makanan bersantan yg Anda telah konsumsi.???
‌Berapa banyak makanan berminyak yg telah Anda makan.???
‌Air minum jenis apa yang Anda minum...??? Kalau sudah dijawab semua pertanyaannya, tinggal berpikir saja apa iya baru minum 1 botol milagros mau minta perubahan.??? Ibarat air keruh dalam DRUM mau di jernihkan menggunakan TAWAS (Penjernih Air) hanya dengan satu sendok makan.
Apakah air yang keruh tersebut bisa jernih.??? Begitupun dengan kondisi tubuh Anda...!!! Tidak menutup kemungkinan, hanya dengan satu dus MILAGROS, penyakit yang selama ini Anda derita bisa SEMBUH TOTAL.

Mau Bukti...???
‌Segera Konsumsi MILAGROS nya...!!!
‌Nikmati sensasi rasanya...!!!
‌Rasakan Healing Crisis nya (Proses Detox)...!!! Baru Anda Bisa Berkomentar Tentang MILAGROS.

Info lebih lanjut disini atja:
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#SalamSehat #SalamBerproses #ChangeYourLife
User Image fearfreelivingllc Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:28 AM (UTC)

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You'll make it to the other side if you don't stop. Push through it.
User Image Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:27 AM (UTC)

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| Program from @mckenna_dylan is going well! Seeing improvements and starting to focus on a bulk soon! |
User Image ambertcb Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:24 AM (UTC)
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Still thick! Still me! But happier! 🙋‍♀️👋 In less than an hour I’m sharing my story on my Become A Coach Call. As I think back to where I was 3 years ago, if you’re at all like me.. you may be thinking .. 🤔.. “Who cares. Nice for you. Ain’t nobody got time for that.. Not interested”.... But hear me out 🗣🗣🗣
Honestly, I wasn’t even looking for this. Like most people, I wanted to lose weight, keep it off & learn healthy habits I could stick with! I was so over DIETING and wanted to like exercise. I started out with a home fitness & nutrition program, lost 7 lbs & was a discount coach within a month. I was only looking to keep up my accountability & the discount sounded petty cool! I was stoked to share what was working for me w/ friends & family & started sharing a little on my social media ( I had 300 followers at that time)
When I started, I was a busy full-time hairstylist with a fiancé & a 4 year old boy who I co-parented half time from a previous relationship. My then fiancé worked nights / slept days.. so I’ve always been a single parent pretty much. I definitely didn’t have the extra time or energy to take on another job, but as I started earning an extra couple hundred a month & falling in love with the company, I started spending more of my extra time on my business. Because I wasn’t going out to eat or to bars as much, it was a nice way to take care of myself & help others. I coached part time for 3 years before going full time this past Nov. I want to make it clear that this business, first and foremost is about YOU getting healthy & having that fitness accountability & support👊
As I lost the weight & got truly healthy (mind & body) my mindset & goals changed. I saw the opportunity to work from home and spend more time with my son. I wanted to travel & work smarter, not harder! Today I’ve lost give or take 30 lbs & 26 ish inches. I LIKE exercise. I enjoy cooking healthy! I’m just so much happier in general 🙌
I want everyone to consider this opportunity as a way to take care of yourself, help others & earn some extra money part time or full time. There’s still time to join the event & hear how I did it! Link in my bio! #nofilter #reallife #teamTCB
User Image thehalfpackedsuitcase Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:21 AM (UTC)

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PAUSE | This week I’m setting my mind on what is above not beneath - the eternal not the temporary.
As part of that, I’m taking part in a social media blackout for the next week and using that time to go deeper and grow stronger.
Read my post ´Fast Focus’ to understand a little more about fasting and it’s true benefits - it may encourage you to do the same. See you on the other side ❤️
#linkinbio #fast #fasting #distraction #focus #pray #TheHalfPackedSuitcase
User Image comealive3 Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:24 AM (UTC)

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So glad I took this step towards growing into the best version of myself!
"Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people never thought you would."
🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼 .
#comealive #supplementsthatwork #changeyourlife #changethewayyouexperiencelife #feelgood

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