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Just found this tape from @highcascade 2000 or 2001 . A lot of these pros didn't know me (hcsc camper at the time.... and in spirit forever probably 😂) or that I was filming this will be the first time they see this 😂@jeremy___jones @robbiesell #prestonstrout @crabgrab @midnight_danger @wall_ross and myself #changethattape I have so much of this kinda footage it's scary
The donor of this lookalike would like to remain anonymous but anyhow the one and only @eddiecomini and the one and only Peter Dante 😂 #changethattape #lookalike
Hard ass dogg..... Mr.dogg running those brand new @thirtytwo TM3's 📈📈📈 Available now 🕺🏼 #mrdogg #hardassdog #changethattape @dangshades
Mr. Dogg and lil Wayne lookalike. Maybe a bit of a stretch here. Either way mr dogg looking good in his @thirtytwo boots! #mrdogg #hardassdoggs #changethattape
This one coming to us from @sethhuot 👑👑👑 Orlando and @torgeirbergrem 🙏🙏🙏 I see it 👌🏻#changethattape lookalike
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DOGG!!!!! @austengranger 🕺🏼YOU ARE A LIVING LEGEND🙌🏼 love you dog 💪🏼💪🏼#itainteasy #epifilms #changethattape #fenwaypark #kiethcongo
Evacuation com...... 🙄 sorry about this. Made it pretty much just for you @chris_grenier 🤙🏻 #changethattape I kinda butchered the edit but u get the point 😐
Winter is coming. Still one of my favorite shots 📸 @fireandmountains
Really excited to ride this kink up @bonezonebrighton this winter. The process of building stuff is usually just as fun as enjoying the final product. Honestly building stuff is usually more exciting. #changethattape 🎥