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It may still be dark outside but my morning had been a productive one! A load of laundry (bc mom life) is done, I checked in with my challengers (who are crushing their goals already!) and participated in a live workout hosted by my coach (❤️). I seriously love this coach life!
Your body is only gonna go where your mind LETS it.
'I can't lose 20lbs!' You won't.
'I can't hold a 2min plank.' You won't.
'I can't curl a 12lb dumbbell.' You won't.
Take CAN'T outta your vocabulary. I C A N. I W I L L! The process takes time. Nothing happens overnight. But the journey is the BEST part! Especially when your tribe is there doing it with you and cheering you on.
To all the girls in our current challenge group: this plank is for you! Doubled my time when I put my mind in it. LOVE being surrounded by you all!!!
Want to be part of our tribe that supports & encourages each other?!? Msg me. Our next group starts Monday!
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For as long as I was an adult human I made EXCUSES for EVERYTHING-- I got so good at it I BELIEVED them all to be true 👎🏻👎🏻 👉🏻I used to say I can't wake up early because I don't want to be sleepy at work-- & then it turned into I can't wake up [earlier] because I was up a lot with Jeffreythe night before & I can't be tired all day-- Even though I used those excuses I was still tired EVERY SINGLE DAY🤷🏼‍♀️😴 I literally had {ZERO} energy & it showed-- I was uncomfortable because I had some weight to lose & my nutrition -- well there was no nutrition 🤔

I was just going through the motions coasting through my life on fumes 🌬& It was getting OLD real quick!

Until I decided to take [control]👊🏻I got myself involved in a challenge group💗 & it really helped me get through those 30 minute workouts & MADE me want to stick to my nutrition plan!! Why?? ➡️Because I was in the group with other ladies who had the same struggles as me-- who used to make the same excuses & wanted to make a healthy change for themselves & their families!

So if you find your struggling & making excuses it's OK because YOU can change that-- I have a group open right now & it's not to late to join us & take back YOUR life!
Message me & we can get started together💗🙅🏼 #excuses #forthebirds #pressplay #itsyourlife #newbeginnings #boymom #boymomlife #sahm #toddlermom #human #bod #challengegroup #accountability #motivation #tuesdayvibes #loveyourself #momsofinstagram #momlife #fitmom #healthyfamily #healthychoices
Isn't this quote so true! Change is hard but so is staying in the same place when you're not happy where you are.
Which hard are you willing for?

I chose change. My only regret is I wish I had chosen it sooner, don't let that be your regret also.

Day one is DONE
Workout ✅
Clean eating ✅
Shakeo ✅
I almost gave in but the beauty of challenge groups is I have people relying on me and providing accountability for me to push play!! Don't ever talk yourself out of something that ultimately benefits you! My body is sore, I only slept 2 hours after working all night, I've done every chore in the house multiple times thanks to the kiddies and I just want to Netflix and chill because it's finally fall weather but none of that will get me the body I want so I pushed thru and kicked ass!! Now time for a much needed shower and one more workout: carrying 2 heavy passed out toddlers upstairs to bed 😍
#makinggoodchoices #cleanweek #challengegroup #homeworkout #fitnurse #postbabybody #fitnessjourney
Day 1/30 is done😅I've decided to try and incorporate some abs this round and see how I make out👱🏼‍♀️Also glute werkkk, cause in around 5 weeks this gal will be on a beach🌊
Before photos uploaded to Accountability group ✔️
Groceries ✔️ #insanitymax30
Also, this is from Rouge National Urban Park in Scarborough, ON..We were there last week to hike, explore & see the beautiful fall colours it's known for 😻
#rougenationalurbanpark #exploreontario #naturelovers
Went kickboxing today to work off some stress... trying to channel my zen now 😜
Today's first post to my Challengers- Monday Mindset.
This is just a snippet of what you'll get in my accountability group. #support #accountability #challengegroup #mindset #compoundeffect
In 2014, the NWT's rate of obesity was higher (33.7%) than the national rate (20.2%)!!! That's friggen crazy!!! 😔
The risk of heart disease, diabetes, etc. increases with obesity. We need to start taking better care of ourselves. I have people in my life who've recently been diagnosed with heart problems or diabetes and it scares the shit out of me! This isn't about just fitting into some skinny jeans, it's about being around for our families. 💕
Do you want some help in getting healthier? My upcoming online 30-day challenge group, starts on October 23! It's open to men and women. .
#everrrrsexy #challengegroup #thisisyourlifeweretalkingabout
Week one of the fit for fall challenge is in the books. Loving the accountability in our group which is totally helping me stay the course. I am under the weather, so I am not able to cleanse yet.
I don’t own a scale so I have no idea of my weight. What I can tell you is that before my cold I felt incredible not tired or sluggish 🙂 my clothing feels different. I don’t care if my belly is flat or not. I care about how I feel and being healthy and setting a good example for my family. That means putting the best nutrients into my body.
Looking forward to feeling better and crushing week two.
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It’s the end of Monslayyy AND my new “Day 1!” 😜🎉 I created this account 6 months ago and cannot believe how fast half a YEAR has gone by. I can’t believe how much I have learned, how many new things I have tried, how far out of my comfort zone I have gone, and how much I have grown.

One REALLY important thing I have learned though is that I am a NEVER ending work in progress. There is no finish line. This is not about being “skinny.” This is about being STRONG. There is no goal weight, measurements or appearance. Just slow and steady positive changes, inside and out, that come from balance and dedication and consistency.

Therefor... for my 6th month mark, and in honor of those feelings, I have decided to give myself a new day 1/28 to really get back at it! 👏🏼 A fresh 4 weeks of kicking ASS with my health and fitness, to jump start my overall 12 week end of the year goals. I also have the privilege of doing this alongside 10+ absolutely AMAZING, beautiful, dedicated ladies in my first challenge group 😍🙌🏼

7 months ago I couldn’t even get myself to get up and work out once a week, and now I’m making/providing workouts and inspiration for my own #fabfallfitfam ❤️ What is THAT?! That is PROGRESS, and passion. And there are no words that can describe how happy and excited I am!!!!!!

Here’s to ending October and beginning November feeling SO thankful and blessed to have a new beginning, alongside a group of incredible people 😊💪🏼
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Ideal evening regime👌🏻just give me veggies and chocolate, and I'm happy as a clam! Today was day 1 of our Clean Week #challengegroup, and I'm super excited to make some more healthy habits and to see some progress 👀 this week I'm aiming to REALLY up my water intake 💦 my goal is to get at least 1 liter in before 10am, plus another 1.5-2 liters in the rest of the day. What's a simple goal like this that you can make this week?! 💁🏼
Oof what a weekend! It was so good to be home with my parents and see family.. literally forget every October about the crazy Oktoberfest traffic in Leavenworth but always worth the drive home even if it turns into 5 hours.. family is everything and worth every second of waiting❣️
Back to the grind today.. and it’s always the best day ever when your lunch break consists of shopping for new dumbbells.. Moving up this week💪🏻 LETSS GOOOO!!
We ALL start from somewhere.
And we ALL go toward something. •
This transformation might not seem that big....BUT I can tell you it is MONUMENTAL. •
The difference between these two women far exceeds the exterior shell you see. •
My mindset, my commitment, sacrifice and consistency have taken me from the girl promising to make a change to the woman who maintains that change. •
Gaining strength and confidence does not end once you reach your goals. That’s when it BEGINS! •

Once you have gained all you didn’t have previously, is when we can discover who we really are. I know what it’s like to want for something so badly but to continue to deny yourself of it. •
I know the internal conversations, guilt, anger and frustration. •
I don’t know your exact struggles but I know struggle. I want to help you start on a path to those goals. Getting a fitness routine and nutrition plan that you ENJOY and can find yourself in/through. That is all I want for everyone. We are more successful when we team up. Let’s do this together. •
I am a coach who can say “me too”. Are you ready to start a challenge group November 1st? Comment your email below or DM me for more details. •
Take action to become your “after” and you will always have my support after your after!
jdllwl 13h ago
Off to practice with the boys....with my favorite (and healthiest!) meal of the day in hand!!! Feeling inspired today with the new challenge group kicking off and some new ladies joining us! I can’t wait to see them so great things!
Feeling super blessed and grateful for this life!! As I’m sitting here making play dough cookies for Anna and Elsa with my babe, I realized that these days won’t last. And I get to be here with her, soaking her. I got to walk my kids to school this morning. And pick them up. I get to hang out and hear all about their day. Seriously does it get any better??? I don’t take this for granted. I know there are a lot of mamas out there who would love to be able to do the same.
To top it off, I just went live in both my Free Clean Week challenge group and with my private Fit for Fall accountability group, raising the frequency and getting amped up to rock this week strong!! Working with people who are ready to change their lives and get healthy!! 💪😀🙌🙌🙌 I love my dual roll, and that I can do them simultaneously! I don’t need to punch in, dress up, commute, take vacation time, sick days, deal with childcare, miss out on the precious time with my kids. I can build my business from my home, from the park, while I watch my daughter do gymnastics or my son play baseball. I can do it in my pjs if I want to!!! I can do it amongst the chaos of motherhood!! So for that I am grateful and so thankful!! This life is full of amazing opportunities, this one included. The thing is - if you want more, you need to do more. Try more. Take risks. Jump at opportunities when they present themselves.
I’m sure glad I did!! 😀😊❤️❤️❤️ Xo A

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↪TODAY is the LAST day to sign up for my CLEAN WEEK CHALLENGE!!!🌱🍋 ➡️ Halloween🎃 is right around the corner!! Are you ready for that Sexy Cat🐱Outfit, or could you use a week long challenge right before you put on that cropped top and sexy stockings!!??☻ IF you fully applied yourself you could shed a few pounds EASILY before HALLOWEEN!🍬 It starts in one week and its only for a week!! LET'S DO THIS!!! ⬆️Here's a sneak peak and some of the Advanced Cardio💃 moves from today!! (You can slow these down and modify anything!) WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? LET'S DO THIS!! 🙌👊 #cleanweek #Challengegroup #weightloss #oneweek #coachjennshaw #cardioday

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