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Ensayando para nuestros próximos conciertos. Un trocito de Sinking Boat #ensayo #cello #guitar #voice
لم تعدّ كلُّ الطُرق تشيرُ إلى رومَا،
‏فكلُّ طُرق ، شعورّي ، روحّي ، جنونّي ،
‏تُشيرُ إليك ،
‏أنتِ روما ذاتّي ! 💕
‏⚠️يستحسن تلبسون سماعه 🎧👌
La musica JAZZ è senza tempo, avvolgente e sensuale, ma anche grintosa, divertente e sognante. Il matrimonio è il contesto ideale per avere tutte queste emozioni, fate un tuffo nel passato e lasciatevi trasportare.
#music #jazzmusic #jazz #band #cello #saxophone #dream #cool #oldtimes #sexy #america #wedding #weddingvibes #music #weddingmusic #goodvibes #bestvibes #italianwedding6
2006 год...))))) Январь. Я впервые прихожу на концерт Мельницы в клуб Б2. Перед охраной Юля на всякий случай наспех красит мне губы помадой, потому что мы узнаем об ограничении по возрасту))))
И хотя за последующие 12 лет были сделаны такие тонны фантастических сценических фотографий (бог мой, я на весь день утонула в сети, пока искала вам вот эти), но знаковые вещи остаются единственными.
Так вот, секрет успеха нашего знакомства с Лешей заключается в том...
что оно произошло не в тот день 💄 🙈
These are just a few pics of Jayden's headshot, script rehearsal, and lounging with grandma, from yesterday's audition at @palmshotelmiami. After he auditioned and we waited 3 hrs to know if he was chosen, we received the call back that everyone just dies to receive, and it was of the talent agent saying that Adrian had said YES to wanting Jayden on board his next project!!! We screamed and got super excited, but unfortunately, we left it for next year because mommy needed to invest a small amount of money (like everything in the music or acting industry when you're beginning) and she didn't have it available.
Next year Adrian, we'll definitely be back and join your team in LA!!! Thank you for the amazing experience. He got to meet you and @jayce_mroz from @iamfrankie and that just adds more celebrity meet and greets to his bucket list lol. Thank you!! #FirstAudition #TheySaidYES #Nervous #Tired lol #LosAngeles #SeeYouSoon #Acting #Actor #Singer #Musician #Cello #PerformingArts #Disney #Nickolodeon #MyWorld 💜🎥🎤
Steve and @allegracello had the pleasure of granting the request for this song yesterday to a family with their loved one at @luriecancer inpatient units: "When you're weary, feeling small
When tears are in your eyes,
I will dry them all
I'm on your side
When times get rough
And friends just can't be found

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down" - Bridge Over Trouble Water, Simon and Garfunkel

We had to clip the song to respect hospital privacy regulations, but a little is better than none. Thanks to all who joined us for music yesterday. Reach us here or on our website if you can use a song or two to brighten your day again!

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