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What the hell is this? I’m supposed to be posting comic books for all these tags I’ve been included on! Instead, I’m posting my #foundationalfive - my five earliest crushes that I can remember. Fun facts: I used to pray before I went to sleep as a little kid in the late 70s, and I’d ask God to let me have a dream about Farrah. I also drew Electro-Woman, with her cool wrist gadget thingy, as far back as I can remember. I had a spiral notebook with Catherine Bach on it, lying in hay in short demin shorts and a shirt tied in the front. #earlyonsethorndog #crushes #celebritycrushes #celebritycrush I’m also tagging the #igcomicfamily so we can see how depraved you were when you didn’t know what depraved meant!
Yep exactly.. I mean who would want a boyfriend if the other option is so great? 😂😂😂 although, in all honesty, right now I'm quite happy not having a boyfriend 😂😂 So, who is your celebrity crush rn?
Mine is Mark Ryder I guess... Although I'm sure nobody here knows him...

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