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User Image andrealulu05 Posted: Dec 18, 2017 4:52 AM (UTC)

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This weekend our furry family got a little smaller as we said goodbye to Cayden “The Moose” Bradshaw. Cayden always kept us on our toes but he will be missed and definitely won’t be forgotten. 💙🐾 #Cayden #greatdane #dogsofinstagram #resteasy #wewillmeetyouattherainbowbridge 🌈
User Image leblancfactsxo Posted: Dec 18, 2017 2:16 AM (UTC)

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Day 2 of planning.. #itsaseceret #supriseparty #Suprise #hannie #Jenzie #cayden #mackannie #skating #jaynie #poolparty #icecream #pizza

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today's a gift thats why we call it present" 💜

( creds to @_johnnyorlandopl_ for the pool party idea)
User Image hannie_fanfics_23 Posted: Dec 17, 2017 9:56 PM (UTC)

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C20 at school Hannie and Cayden.
H- hey guys .
Cayden- hello .
A- hey .
Hayden kiss Annie.
Cayden- Hannie goals .
A- ummm I need to go bye .
H- Annie wait .
A- Hayden its over I know you love Lauren .
H- no I don't Annie I love you.
A- prove it.
Hayden gets down on one knee .
H- Annie LeBlanc you make me the happiest person alive and marry me?
Hayden gets up and put the ring on Annie's ring finger.
Annie kiss Hayden.
Hayden kiss her back.
The bell rings for class .
Hannie- no we don't want to go to class.
Cayden- to bad we're going .
They go to class .
In class Hayden and Annie sit next to each other.
T- OK guys today we will be learning maths.
H- I hate maths.
A- same baby .
Hayden kiss Annie.
T- Mr summerail and miss LeBlanc.
H- its Mrs summerail to you .
T- wait are you guys engaged?
A- yeah we are .
T- congratulations.
Hannie- thank you.
At lunch Hannie and Cayden.
Jay- hey do you guys want to come to my house after school?
Hannie - sure .
C- I'm in .
Jay- yay.
Johnny and Lauren walk over.
Hannie- go away .
L&J- why?
H- because we don't want you here.
J- aww poor baby .
A- don't call my husband a baby.
L- wait you two are engaged?
Hannie- yup.
Johnny and Lauren walk away.
H- I love you babe .
A- I love you more.
They kiss.
I hope you guys like this chapter .
Tags #Hannie #Hanniefanfics
#hannieisreal #jayannie #cayden #cenzie #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #jaydenbartels #carsonleuders #mackenzieziegler #hannie4life
User Image leblancywrites Posted: Dec 17, 2017 8:53 PM (UTC)

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A Winter Trip
by @leblancywrites
Chapter Ventiquattro
Dedicated to @cadenconrique “Friendship”
Caden- can’t you break up with him?
Annie - what?
Caden - you read it, can’t you break up?
Annie - Caden, don’t be ridiculous
Caden - what do you mean? You can just break up.
Annie - Caden I love him, not you
Caden - but I love you
Annie- Caden we can be friends, but I have Hayden
Caden - fine. Don’t ever talk to me again.
Annie - Caden..
Caden - this number has now blocked you
Annie sighed, she had never intended to loose a friendship. Hayden noticed something was off and nudged her,
“You okay?” He said giving her a hug. “Yeah I’m fine.” Annie said, brushing it off in a way that was obvious she wasn’t. “Anns, I can see that you’re lying. Talk to me, please.” Annie handed him her phone, and went back to eating her schnitzel. “IMMA KILL HIM!” Hayden yelled out, causing Annie and Johnny, who were sat closest to Hayden, to jump up. “What’s happening?” Jayden asked. “Caden tried to ask me out and break me up with Hayden.” Annie mumbled.
“What!” Connor exclaimed. “Guys, he blocked me, let’s not make this any worse.” Annie said. “Fine.” Hayden said, sitting down.
They continued eating, Annie trying to forget the previous moments.
They got back onto the mountain, and just before they started putting on their skis, Johnny stopped Kenzie. “What’s going on John?” Kenzie asked, as the rest started skiing down, already filled in on what Johnny was going to do.
“Kenz, I need to ask you something.”
“Okay?” She responded, confused.
“Look Kenzie, from that moment on the plane, my feelings have just been confused. But I finally realized, I love you. I want our friendship to become more. If your feelings aren’t mutual, I completely understand, and I’ll just go upon my life, trying to forget. But I can’t help my fee-“ he was cut off my Kenzie crashing her lips into him. That’s how they stood there for a while, until they broke apart, smiling. “I love you too Johnny Orlando.” They put on their skis and started going down the hill, catching up to their other friends. “OMG IS IT REAL?” Jayden squealed, watching her bet friends ski towards them,
more below lovelies!!
Chapter 1 ❤️ Annie's POV ;
I woke up to my alarm ringing in my ear, suddenly there's a knock on the door... I opened the door and realized it was my mom.
A: Morning mom!
MK ( Annie's mother ) : Morning sweetheart, I have something to tell you... We're moving to LA today... A: WHAT?! MK: I'm sorry I know it's sad to leave Pittsburgh but we really must move to LA... I'll let you inform your friends that we're moving to LA but you'll have to hurry cause our flight is at 3 o'clock afternoon today.
A: Okay fine... I'll inform my friends now and I'll pack my things later.
MK: Yeah, sure.
I was sad and shocked at the same time... I check the time it's 10 o'clock in the morning and I'll have to leave here at 2 o'clock so I only have 4 more hours left in Pittsburgh. I told my friends that I'm gonna leaving Pittsburgh today... Then, I went home and pack everything that I needed and take a last look at this house before leaving Pittsburgh... It was so painful leaving Pittsburgh but mom already booked the flight tickets so I guess there is no turning back... *After we landed*
Well here we are... In LA. Anyways we went to the LA airport and my mom told me that The Summerall family is going to come and bring us to our new house. My mom always tell me about The Summerall family but I've never met them so I was kinda excited. My mom also always talk about Mr.Summerall's son, Hayden and he's actually same age as me. But when I saw The Sumerall family I didn't see a boy around my age... So I asked my mom...
A: Mom, where's the boy you always talk about?
MK: Well I'm not sure sweetheart, I'll try to ask Mr.Summerall.
A: Okay mom... MK: Hey Mr.Summerall... Nice to meet you, and by the way where's Hayden?
MS ( Mr.Summerall ) : Nice to meet you too, Hayden's at home, his sick today.
A: Oh Okay... MIC 👇🏻

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