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I finally saw Mara's baby yesterday for the first time. I don't know it's gender, or who the father is for sure, but it looks like a miniature replica of Vivic, I don't think he would be the father though, the baby just looks like him. I would say it's around two months old. The pictures are in order of when they were taken... When I came up I had my eye on Mara and her baby to see what they would do; as I saw the baby I named it Spar. I called them and they all came running like normal but the baby looked around frantic at all of them running and stayed put. He went on the end of the porch till they all got still in a line eating, then he started behind the ledge peeping his head out watching lol it was cute. He got more curious and realized that the other cats and his mom seemed to be comfortable with me sitting with them so he came out from his little hiding place and started slowly walking back and forth under the car to observe and he kept watching his mom. I then made sure to pet some of the cats and feed his mom a treat from my hand while he was watching me so that he could know to not be scared of me and it seemed to work, he started walking up between Jack and Berlin heading to the end of the line of food so that his mother would be in the middle of me and him. But as he was walking up Berlin stopped him and looked at him as if he was scolding him and Spar even looked like he got in trouble and took a few steps back and sat down. I think it's very interesting watching them interact sometimes and because Berlin was clearly trying to teach Spar. I know Berlin trust me, and I think it's good that he's teaching him to not be trusting so easily, there are a lot of scary people out there.
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