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NEW SITE! NEW LOOK! Hey, guys and gals! We recently relaunched our website, and we’re so excited to share the new design and photos with you! We are even more excited to give you a discount code for checking out the site and taking a look around. So, please click the link in our profile and be sure to use NEWLOOK to receive 20% off through 10/31.
One of the reason why I love Le Creuset---HUGE contrast between the products🤣
Giant pot vs mini ramekin
Giant ramekin vs mini pot
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Get the recipe for each of these skillet desserts when you enter our Skillet Berries Sweepstakes! Link in bio to enter.
Duka Bistro is a range #castiron cookware produced by a Swedish company that was founded in the 20s. When I first moved to Sweden, Peter had Very old Cast Iron cookware that he’d inherited from his grand parents, more then 100 years old. I didn’t want them in the house and with my Nigerian mentality, I wanted everything brand new ( not excluding a brand new house) so they were dumped at the junk yard. I didn’t quite appreciate these things and I wasn’t so into cooking until I moved to Sweden. Then I started cooking and then started getting interested in cooking and then I started wanting to go back to traditional style because I was learning a lot. I regretted throwing those cook ware out because they are expensive! You can’t just go out and buy a set of 10, so ever since, I just pick up one at a time. This orange one from Duka is enameled, you just need to rinse with water and wipe after use. I got all kinds of Veg to make soup, like western style soup: Just let it sit in the Pot and make new when it’s finished.
Browned 40 pounds of ground beef yesterday for a fundraiser at Beth's work, with 2 Skillet's was able to brown 6 pounds at a time take about 2 hours. #castiron #castironskillet #beef #thatsalotofmeat #vintagecooking #lecreuset

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