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Додайте підпис... 💭Люди роблять це, коли фото значить для них набагато більше, ніж пост в Instagram чи "я просто тут круто вийшов(ла)", коли хочуть поділитися своїми думками💌, які безглузді б вони не були😜, коли живуть🍥... А це 1)просто фотка, з дорогими мені людьми❤ і 2)"я просто тут класно вийшла"😎
Photo by @sergiy_kukos
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User Image ijustlovemillie Posted: Mar 19, 2018 10:25 PM (UTC)

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millie bobby brown, an ignorant brat who acts too mature for her age. a girl that doesn’t deserve her fame. a girl who is changing into someone disgusting. right? or, a beautiful young soul who just wants to have fun and enjoy her life. a girl that doesn’t let the hate get to her. a girl that cares about all her fans and family so much and tries her hardest everyday to make us smile, to make us laugh and to inspire and encourage us to do what we love. man this fandom can be disgusting sometimes. i mean we all have a fan account to show our support and love towards our idols but at the same time we love to bring them down. to everyone leaving nasty comments on millies page, leave. millies done absolutely nothing wrong. ok shes changing, but she’s changing into an even more beautiful and caring person each day. everybody changes. every single damn person on this earth is going to change at some point. but is change always bad? millie dating Jacob has nothing to do with you and your personal life so stay out of it. I mean if you really stan her and love her, you would appreciate that she always has a smile plastered across her face and respect her decision. she’s happy, so should we. we created our accounts for a reason. to spread love and show support to the people that changed our lives. the people that made us believe that we could do anything. these days all people want to spread is hate and try to bring people down. but what’s the point? i am not asking you guys to “stan” millie or make a fanpage for her or any of that. all im asking you is to stop it with the unnecessary hate. millie has a life outside of stranger things and her fame. she wants to live her life happy just like other girls would. let her do something once without judging and watching her every move. i personally am not a huuuge fan of Jacob but if millie is smiling then all i have to say to him is thank you.
User Image amylevans17 Posted: Mar 19, 2018 10:22 PM (UTC)

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Had to move the bar for a WHOLE DAY for brothers birthday party. It drove her crazy not being able to practice. She’s back at it after school today. Love that our #sportykids are so #dedicated to their passions. .
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User Image mimijohnsonthetriplethreat Posted: Mar 19, 2018 10:16 PM (UTC)

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I’m so excited to play, The Musical Icon 💃🏾🎤🎹🎼🎭
Billie Holiday @ The Crest Theatre in Delray Beach, FL on Wednesday!!! See you there!

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