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Teman yang bodoh pun akan menjadi pintar untuk menyelamat kan mu
(There will be little anger for this) Now you may think, why does you hate both of them. Okay one of them I don’t hate. Now the sequel I hate, but the first one is ehh... Ok let’s talk about it. Cars came out in 2006 since Pixar was doing great during the 2000’s. I watched it back then and it was good. Then by the time I got older and seeing it again, now I don’t like this movie. Again I’m not hating it, this movie just wasn’t grabbing me. It’s one of the movies that I don’t like, but everybody loves it. And this is one of them. Anyways here’s some things I like and I don’t like about the first one. The likes are the animation is good (It’s Pixar of course), the ending was pretty touching (not going to spoil it), and even some good voice acting people. Now the negatives, the story we have seen a million times, some of the characters are forgettable, but they aren’t bad, and the worst element in the movie is the concept. I know I had to say that, but it’s true. Look back at The Incredibles they used humans in the movie, but then this one turned everyone into Cars. Ok! The designs just isn’t right. And plus I wish there was car jokes in it, even though they weren’t (with the exception of one, which was funny). So yeah this is one of the most disappointing movies from Pixar, the great animation studio. I know critics and audiences liked it and plus kids can watch it and like it. It even sold a lot of toys similar to Hot wheels in a way. Oh well, at least Pixar got good after that. So moving on to Cars 2. It’s bad. Ok, the animation is good, the only good thing in the sequel. But everything else sucked, Mater is the focus in the movie, rather than Lightning McQueen, the spy plot was a complete filler, the message, and the twist. Yeah you can see why critics hated it and audiences are kind of split. But come on, when people rank Pixar films best to worst. What is on the worst? That’s right Cars 2. Seriously can anyone watch this again? Just to see the faults since we’re older, not the kids (kids will love it too). But I don’t understand why Pixar messed it up, and at least Cars 3 (which I haven’t seen it) finally got some improvements. #pixarcars #cars2
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估唔到有人放Cars2 laaaaaa
( 仲要呃自己呃幾耐?😂)
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