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Remember when these two used to date... And how he used her! Glad he changed.
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Yup. The first two times were completely on him, but the last one was on Sybil/Cade’s conscious.
#qotd⠀In what way do you ship Daroline?
#aotd⠀Siblings/best friends

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─ love their friendship

» song ; blow your mind by dua lipa
» cc ; sinister tutorials (yt)
requested. gotta love some daroline hehe.
—q: Caroline or Damon?
[#careforbesweek: favorite Caroline scene - 7x10]
I don't really have a fav so I just picked a funny one! I love Caroline so much oml 😍
—–q: Favorite Caroline moment?
steroline parallel: abuse victims.
read carefully ^ "abuse" victim. not rape victim. no, damon did NOT rape caroline. just like katherine did NOT rape stefan. both situations were EXACTLY the same. the absolutely only difference is katherine had feelings for stefan, whereas damon didn't have feelings for caroline. i've seen people say "i hate damon, he's a rapist" and then i see the same exact people say "omg i LOVE kat she's such a mf queen" like ???? damon and katherine COMPELLED them to be okay with their vampire side, and told them to keep quiet and let them feed on them. IT WAS NEVER IMPLIED THAT THEY RAPED THEM. yes, they slept together, but they never said they didn't want to sleep with them. caroline and stefan were only terrified of the fact that they were vampires.
-> 6✕08 Fade Into You (scene):
Damon: “There are no drawbacks to this woman, Stefan!”
Alaric: (to Damon) Eh, she did sleep with you.
Damon: See? Another plus.
WHY WOULD THEY SAY THAT IF HE RAPED HER??????? he didn't rape her. katherine is only guilty of using her doppelgängers body to seduce stefan but she never raped him either. she only made him okay with her feeding on him. same with caroline and damon. they ABUSED them. not raped. they're vampires. they fed on them. it's what they (as vampires) do. stop saying they're (damon mostly) rapists. they're not. watch the damn show more carefully.
YES, i am aware that ian somerhalder once said that damon DID rape caroline. but JULIE PLEC, AKA THE MF WRITER, said damon didn't. and don't say "why would julie confirm that she wrote rape scenes?" well, if she did, why WOULDN'T she say it and make it clear to the viewers. she said he didn't, so... he DIDN'T.

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ic; i saw something like this yesterday but i forgot what the username was. it's not my original idea regardless.

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