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"You're weird, I like you."🎈🏠
Last year at Mickey's Halloween party, Brandon proposed. 💍At our wedding Brandon gave me our own Adventure Book full of photos and things of places we've been and hope to go. It was the SWEETEST wedding gift from the most thoughtful husband! So this year's costume had to have our book incorporated with a pic of where we got engaged 💗

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Happy, HAPPY birthday to my best friend! I can’t believe we’ve been best friends for {E L E V E N} years. Time flies when you’re having fun! From 9th grade soccer to passing notes in dual credit English class – let’s take a moment to pause and pray for that idiot professor – to road trips on the east coast, a marriage and many more memories. The best part about being best friends for so long is we will always have memories, new adventures to come and each other. I love you so much! God knew I needed a little sweetness in my life when He brought you to me. You are absolutely the sweet to my sour, the silly to my dramatic and the calm to my crazy. You have been an amazing, kind friend to me in the times I most certainly did not deserve it. We aren’t perfect, but we have a pretty perfect relationship and I couldn’t ask for a better friend from you. Sometimes we argue (mainly me, duh) but we make a great team. There will never be a day that I won’t protect you, love you and absolutely destroy someone if they mess with you. I hope today, and this year, bring you so much joy, love, fun and good times because fewer people deserve it more than you. I can’t wait for the adventures you will embark upon and all the things 25 will bring to you! Happy birthday, Sau! You are a gem among rocks and my life is infinitely better, funnier and enjoyable because you’re in it. We’ll take some birthday shots soon! 💕🍸🎂🎁🎉🎈🎎 #Tequila! #HBD #CarlAndRussell #Besties

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