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Practicing stitches 🤓 #snapshot
One wise man told us: “We don’t make mistakes, we get better.” No one is perfect, we do and say stupid things, sometimes we find the courage to finally speak up but unfortunately we are wrong, sometimes we mess up so many times in a row that it feels really awkward... But don’t make this experience destroy you. Take a lesson, forgive yourself and move on. Torturing yourself doesn’t make you grow, it only sucks the energy out of you and keeps you out of any progress.

So next time you ‘screw up’, take a few deep breaths and keep going. We get better 🙌🏼
So excited to be hosting our #GIRLBOSS Ladies Event at @_houseofvr 👾👏🏽if you haven’t already purchased your ticket, please do so before we sell out! Link in bio for tickets✨
Lord Saladin: “Young Wolf, should you ever find yourself in need of the motivation to pick yourself up off the ground and continue fighting, just remember...The Fallen prefer Dead Orbit.”
👤Featuring: @bowzrboi
📷Photographer: @bowzrboi
🎨Editor: @bowzrboi
📖Quote: Lord Saladin to The Man in Red
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Levy and Saku when they were expecting their first child~
Fun fact;
Saku would often ask Levy (@inuzuka.levy) if she was feeling okay or if she needed anything. After the birth of their child, Saku quits his ninja job to take care of everything; since he believes that Levy's gone through enough strife in her life, so he wants to do anything he can to make it easier. However... A second baby wasn't too far away after that.
Levy belongs to the amazing @inuzuka.levy :3
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Me:is my love not enough?
Girl:I love him it's always gonna be him it's always him.. I can't be what other people want me to be what she wants me to be... Girl:why don't you let people see good in you?
Me:Because when people see good, they expect good. And I don't want to live up to anyone's expectation.

I feel okay and it sucks because I am not like others and I miss it I miss it more than anything else in the world.

You are good and I need little good in my life.

And honestly not doing so great without you keep tryinga started over but can't get any where because I'm lost. I'm lost.

When you lose somebody every prayer every candle is not going to make up the fact but the only thing is you have left is hole in your life without somebody is care about use to be and the memory. So thinks right?
Whenever you go too far I'll be there to pull you back every second every day till you don't need me because right now you'll I got... I want you to get everything what you are looking for... You know what I'm selfish. I love you it's because I love you I can't be selfish with you... #love #caption #write #poetrycommunity #writer #sadlove #photooftheday #nevergiveup #me #loveyourself #instagood #cute #follow #followme #behappy
Aq tau kenapa kmu tidak berani menatapku •

Karena kmu takut jatuh cinta 💕
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