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What an awesome collaboration between @richtable and @rosesluxury! I love events like this and hope to see many more. Now I can’t wait to eat at @richtable when I go to SF in April!!
- Grilled Cucumber (RL)
- Sardine Chip (RT)
- Porcini Doughnuts (RT)
- Sea Urchin Cacio e Pepe (RT)
- Martello Maccheroni (RL)
- Grilled Cauliflower (RT)
- Salted Mint Chocolate Sable (RT)
- Eggplant “Tarte Tatin”
- Chefs at the pass
- Chefs Evan Rich and Aaron Silverman with @profedwards and me
Golden hour /// Happy Hour
Not a bad day to kick off the new happy hour at @anarestaurantdc at @districtwinery
User Image missionmichelin Posted: Feb 20, 2018 5:58 PM (UTC)

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I know where I’ll be on March 6th!!! Hope to see you there!! #Repost @plume_dc with @get_repost
What do you get when you cross @blueducktavern with @plume_dc? An amazing @michelinguide all-star event! Join us on March 6th for an evening of incredible dishes from Chefs Ralf Schlegel & Daniel Hoefler. Link for tickets in our bio!
User Image sasulli8 Posted: Feb 19, 2018 4:58 AM (UTC)
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It was quite the experience at the @yelpdc elite event tonight at @bibibopasiangrill! We ate yummy #Korean #rice bowls with so many healthy and flavorful toppings like pickled daikon radish (👌🏾), and then we had the chance to make our own #kimchi!
So excited to try @littlepearldc at night! The service was impeccable, the snacks were fun, and as someone trying to expand my wine horizons the offerings were really exciting. Cant wait to go back for the burger! Thank you @kmikalbrown and #instagramlessCorey!!
- Angel Egg (that’s meringue!)
- Cheese “Whiz” & Biscuit Crackers - Lil’ Sweet Maine Shrimp
- My 1st natural wine!
- A new-to-me white
- The serene exterior
My first @chikofrc After Dark was a blast!! I figured they were delicious but the best part was all the friends old and new!! I will definitely be back!! Thank you @dannyleedc @chefseng @chefkatsuya!!
- Mee Kathi
- Orange-ish Chicken - Hong Kong Scrambled Eggs (eggs on eggs on eggs)
- Sakoo Yadsai Muu (tapioca dumpling) - Dosirak Shake Box (Korean lunch box)
- Pork and Kimchi Potsticker - The Chefs!
- @chefkatsuya’s crew
Number 95: I love visiting DC mainstays as part of this journey and Obelisk is a case in point. With the relaxed atmosphere and delicious food it’s easy to see why it’s been charming Washingtonians since 1987. To go on the day Chef\Owner Esther Lee was announced a @beardfoundation semi-finalist made it all the more special. And so glad you could join me on my mission @profedwards!!
- Rabbit with Olives - Raddichio
- Pici with Lamb Ragú
- Chocolate Rice Pudding
- Orange Chiffon Cake - Chef Lee and @profedwards
Number 84: Valentine’s Day lunch at Chercher! How delicious does the Deluxe Vegetarian Special look?! Thank you @alemayehu.abebe.184!
Man do I love these #wcw bars from @bttrcrmbakeshop! Perfect little valentine to myself. And speaking of #wcw, look who I ran into: owner/pastry chef extraordinaire Tiffany MacIsaac!
User Image missionmichelin Posted: Feb 14, 2018 8:01 PM (UTC)
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@chanceforlife is an amazing event that supports childhood cancer research! If you’d like to join me at the Taste Reception use code BOSS50 for 50% off!!
#Repost @chanceforlifedc with @get_repost
Tickets are on sale now for the Chance For Life 2018 Poker Tournament and Taste Experience. Get them while they’re hot! Tell your friends: The event will take place on March 10, 2018, at @mgmnationalharbor. You won’t want to miss this unforgettable experience!
User Image frankeatsfoods Posted: Feb 14, 2018 1:53 AM (UTC)
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Big throwback to much earlier last year @sfoglinadc ! Don’t remember why I didn’t post this because this was some badass pasta but here are the belated pics:
1) Riff on cacio e pepe
2) Beet stained goat cheese tortelloni
3) Lobster and octopus casarecce
4) Panna cotta
Number 93: Dinner at the Eritrean @kerenrestaurant! I brought my kids, which is always a crapshoot, but the staff couldn’t have been nicer—literally the most attentive service towards children I’ve ever experienced. The food was delicious (I’m addicted to the chicken) including the special dishes they brought out for the kids. Thank you so much Lemlem, we will be back!
- Tibsi (chicken with Eritrean spices, onion, tomato), lentil, potato and carrot, split pea, cabbage, salad, spinach over enjera
- Fūl (mashed cooked favs beans, tomato, onion, yogurt, olive oil, berbere)
- Lemlem! ♥️
User Image frankeatsfoods Posted: Feb 11, 2018 4:40 PM (UTC)
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Lunch from this week at @esaantumbar in McLean! Laab with pork, rich soup with beef, and sticky rice. If you like the funky sour north-eastern style Thai food definitely check this place out as it’s really damn good... Even if you’re not big on fish sauce or chili peppers their Khao soi (a red curry coconut soup with egg noodles) as well as their meats are also delicious. By my estimation the food is also also quite healthy. Great addition in the past year to the Nova (and McLean especially) food scene.
Number 92: fun dinner with my friends/co-workers at @ivycitysmokehouse! This restaurant is part of a whole surrounding fish complex: downstairs is a public market, upstairs is the tavern where we ate, and across the street are the associated ProFish warehouses. It doesn’t get much fresher than that so we ate alllll the fish plus the ribs! I loved the fish board and the salmon jerky, both smoked in-house right below where we sat! Thank you Greg, Chef Ron, and @Johnrwashdc!!
- SmokeHouse Fish Board
- Branzino Stuffed with Crab
- Half Rack of Ribs - Smoked Salmon Jerky - ProFish owner/partner Greg Casten and Chef/partner Ron Goodman
User Image frankeatsfoods Posted: Feb 10, 2018 6:59 PM (UTC)
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Last nights meal at @casaenrique in Long Island NY w/ @charles.scharfen . With no disrespect to any other places I’ve eaten I don’t think I’ve had Mexican food cooked at this level before . Everything I tasted was exceedingly fresh and well executed. I wish I could’ve ordered even more stuff but had a concert afterwards. Anyway, dishes pictured:
1) Mole de piaxtla : The mole sauce is made using a mix of dry peppers, almonds, raisins, plantain, sesame seeds and chocolate over chicken and rice.
2) Crab Tostadas : Crab in crispy tortilla with citrus, avocado, tomato, chile serrano, and cilantro.
3) Ceviche : Market fish cured in lime with onion, avocado, tomato.
*Not pictured : awesome mezcal margs.
** If you’re still reading - I accidentally ate that evil looking chili pepper on the mole dish and it was devastating 😂
User Image frankeatsfoods Posted: Feb 9, 2018 3:21 PM (UTC)
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Scenes from last Saturday @thedabneycellar in DC (with @kevtcort )! This place is just cool as fuck / similar look and feel to the Dabney’s main dining room but a little bit swankier with an almost “exclusive” feel (the entrance is off a street and not accessible through the restaurant). The downstairs cellar contains a different simpler menu with an extensive wine list. While the is largely not as preparation intensive as the creations from upstairs it manages to be every bit as delicious. The menu is heavy on raw and cured items (oysters, crudos, country hams) which all shine thanks to the high quality sourcing. However the menu also contains some delightful bacon buttermilk biscuits and decadent buttery lobster toast (on brioche) as a great finisher. *Food not displayed in order it was eaten*
1) Country Ham
2) Lobster Toast
3) Foie Gras Parfait
4) Bacon Buttermilk Biscuits
5) Tuna Crudo *Not displayed : oysters, wine, excellent service
Number 91: A classic meal at La Chaumiere! It’s no secret I love French restaurants and this one was incredibly charming. Thank you Martin!
- Soupe de Poisson “Marseillaise”
- Saumon Mariné en Croûte
- Truite de Rivière aux Amandes
- Gran Marnier Soufflé - Pear Belle Hélène - Martin Lumet, proprietor - The decor
I had so much fun filming @mydcstory at @Indique!! To watch me talk DC restaurants and the @michelinguide, head over to the @mydcstory page! And a big thank you to @chefvinod!!
Absolutely delicious (and colorful) lunch at @rasa! You can’t help but leave with a smile on your face. Thank you @sahil1224 and @rvinod!!