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Última de #rubias con #jeans por hoy. ¿Qué le harías a esta nena? ¡Deja tu comentario!
Такой опьяняющий и душу согревающий, навсегда любимый и неповторимый Лиссабон
With over 15 years of experience, Mr. Gajiwala has veteran practice in commercial real estate valuations, acquisitions, repositions, sales, and operations. He can help clients create a transparent path to meet their specific funding objectives and investment goals. #GRPCapitalTeam
***Cosplay Guest Announcement*** We are pleased to announce our first Cosplay Guest/Judge Kovie Kixx Cosplay.
After seeing Kovie at Capital Sci fi Con 2017 in her amazing Armour build we just had to invite her back as a Cosplay Guest/Judge.
Based in Newcastle Kovie loves to travel to conventions around the world!
She has always been interested in costume design and in 2013 she discovered cosplay, which is a perfect way to express her creative interest with friends.
Kovie makes the majority of her cosplays, challenging herself to go bigger and better with every project.
Kovie doesn't really have a specific style but really loves helping and inspiring others to create cosplay.

Sign up for our Cosplay competition can be done online or at the Geek Asylum table.

Tickets on sale now:

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