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Sunday is my Monday. 😮Whaaaaaaaat? Hear me out.
I used to spend more time hating Mondays than actually trying to figure out why I hated them so much. Until one day, I realized that Monday's were kicking my ass for no reason.
When you view Monday as the start of a new week, you've already lost a whole day 🗓Open your calendar, look at this week as a whole, and you'll notice that Sunday comes first *mind blown.* Sunday's are a huge factor in a successful week for me. Don't get me wrong, I spend most of my Sunday in one of Ry's old t-shirts, taking 600 pictures of my dog 🐶 looking cute and relaxing with an overpriced face mask. But let me tell you, I get a TON of preliminary work done to set my business up for a productive week.
You don't need to be a photographer 📸 to make Sunday's happen for you. Here's a few things you can do, right now, to set your week up for success:

1. 📝 Write down your tasks and prioritize them this week. Do you NEED to hit up that sale this week and blow your money on useless goods? Or can you spend that time on a walk in the river valley paying attention to your thoughts?

2. Meal prep 🍎🌮meal prep. and meal prep some more. There isn't a ton of time between Ryan coming home and my running out for a shoot, so we'll usually prep easy crock-pot or re-heatable meals. Less time cooking = more time eating + puppy cuddles (can I get an amen on that one?) 3. Lay-out your clothes for a week 👗. Ya. I went there. Remember when your mom used to do that for you in elementary every night before you went to bed? Well your old lady had a point. Shove a few shirts over and make space in you closet to keep each outfit hanging together this week so you can spend more time singing Galway Girl in the shower and less time figuring out what to wear.
So chill out, hug your family, snuggle your dog and eat some ice cream 🍦. Your week has officially started and you've already one-up'd your Monday. You got this, friends.
How do you set your week up for success? ✨ #dariongetzingerphotography
@tetonalpinist and I headed back into Storm Creek Headwall yesterday. We climbed Puzzle and Difficile Monster. The other easier moderates didn't have ice. Kahveology looks like it's coming in quite well and what I think is Crash is almost touching done. #stormcreek #mixedclimbing #canadianrockies

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