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Did someone say summer 😭😭😭 Montreal 2017: Winter ❄️, Spring 🌸 and Fall 🍁. #Weathergotmelike #canadianproblem
The Most Canadian Picture EVER! 🇨🇦
Comment "CANADA" letter by letter without getting interrupted! 👇
Canadian DJs.. The vine that started it all, 3 years ago.
To Celebrate Canada's 150th we will be posting a beautiful photo of our home and native land everyday at 6:00pm EST for the next 60 days. If you have taken or would like to see any photo in particular on @youreverydaycanadian, please DM us! 🇨🇦 "Taking in the view overlooking Three Isle Lake in Kananaskis Country."- @travelalberta
When the DJ doesn't understand how the drop works.. 😂🇨🇦