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User Image high_country_adventure_tours Posted: Mar 23, 2018 1:16 AM (UTC)

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We’ve had a number of requests about the suitability of camper trailers on our tours but with our current program unfortunately they’re not. -
However, we are looking at putting together a specific tour to accommodate for them. We will be looking at a basecamp of 3-4 days where we will conduct day trips to some of the iconic High Country tracks and destinations.
At this stage we are gauging if there would be an interest. It would not be 100% limited to camper trailers though - any type of camp set up would be welcome! -
What do you think?
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Day 3
Some days the driving is easy, and luckily today was one of those days. Went an extra 2.5 hours and made it all the way to Theodore. The girls were amazing and were the main reason we could get a little further. Also cuts our drive to Mackay down to only 6 hours.
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Someone was happy to stretch her legs after a big day in the car! Nothing like some water therapy to wear them out for another early morning and bigger day of driving....
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Day 1
We were lucky enough to get away a day early, saving us a super early morning tomorrow and cutting our 10 hour drive to Dubbo down to 7. Still a decent stint but just a little more manageable I feel. Lovely little caravan park here in Shepparton, glad we added it to our trip!
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Packing, have to be so organised and quite picky to make sure you take not to much but still cover all weather conditions. Lucky we are only going for 12 days - I can’t quite imagine doing a long trip with so few clothes!! I’ve opted for listing everything as I pack it, hopefully that means I shouldn’t forget anything lol! .
#trailertrailswiththemales #packing #roadtrip #campertrailertouring #campertrailerlife #mackayherewecome
User Image ourlittlejourney2018 Posted: Mar 7, 2018 7:45 AM (UTC)

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Tuesday and Wednesday hubbys days off. We headed out to Burrum Heads to have a go at catching some prawns but had no luck.
What started out as a relaxing mid week weekend quickly turned into a busy little weekend setting our home/camper back up.
After a storm a few weeks ago we decided to sleep in side the inlaws house in hubbys old bedroom for the night which then turned into being for a few weeks so we hadn't set the trailer back up when we got back from our over nighter at inskip but living pretty much out of 1 room with 2 toddlers and 4 other adults aint easy especially when you throw a mumma with anxiety and a house that ain't baby proofed in the mix 😥.
So tonight we sleep back in our space that we call home.❤
A few little changes from the previous set up as we still work out what is most comfortable and what works best.
I will post some pictures of the new set up in the next couple of days and please if anyone has any suggestions or any little ideas for living in a camper trailer send them out way!!!!
Exciting news! Very soon we will have the arrival of the @opuscamper Air camper trailers at our base in #Inverness. 3 #opuscamper trailers to be precise! Phone to book a demo #watchthisspace #campertrailer #trailertent #foldingcamper #scottishdealership #opus #camping #campingholidays #campertrailerlife
User Image ourlittlejourney2018 Posted: Mar 3, 2018 3:55 AM (UTC)

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Bit late in posting but here is a little snap shot of our 1 night trip to Inskip.

This is the first time we have
a) taken the @fordterritoryaus which is not a 4x4 see pic 1 🙄🤣
b) not taken a boat and
c) had 2 little toddlers in tow!
So it was a very different little trip to what hubby and i had been used to but what a ball we all had!
Yes we got bogged! And without any 4x4 recovery gear at hand hubby had to put his brain to work and sticks under the tyres was his idea which actually worked quite well!
After quite a bit of driving to find that perfect spot we settled for whats known as "caravan alley" a nice hard ground spot with easy access in and out.
Set up the camper and took of down the beach for a phone free explore and play.
Night time rolled around and it was time to teach miss 3 how to build a camp fire and for us to learn how to keep miss 1 from falling in it 😓.
All in all a mostly relaxing little night away with what we thought would be a quick trip home until we herd a noise that sounded like we had a bearing about to go on the trailer so a slow drive back to the bay where we took a proper look and discovered it was just a mud wasps nest that had fallen in around the brakes! 😥
Travelling its all about the good and bad things thats for sure!!! ⛺

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