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Swipe left to view the second set of Fall Exhibit Week 5!
Today’s featured artists:
View the entire online exhibit at and tag your work #whitespacefall to be considered!
ISSUE ONE is now available for preorder! Pick up your copy at
I choose to surround myself around phenomenal people who are confident an secure enough to know that there is room for all of us to make it to the finish line. You have complete control over the company you keep. You have the power to eliminate all toxic people from your life. Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Energy is contagious!
Get F.I.T.
Why do you keep going? Why do you try when things fail? Because you're alive! You have opportunity. You have breath inside your lungs. Check out the link in bio for the full interview with @dearrockstar #letslivealive
😂✌🏼 lernen ... Check✔️ Okay, das ist gemogelt. Heute war nichts mit lernen... arbeiten und Konzepte umschreiben, mit Behörden telefonieren, meine Fragezeichen über dem Kopf wegradieren und Kleinigkeiten für den Urlaub erledigen ... 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ich denke damit habe ich viel geschafft ... Mein Körper ist momentan hormonell sehr verstimmt - ich glaube ich brauche eine Selbstfindungsphase (für die ich keine Zeit habe) vlt. dann am Meer. 🏝 Übrigens geht es nach dem Urlaub noch mit einem 4. Projekt los ... Die Spannung steigt, ich versuche meine Ernährung umzustellen 😂👌🏼 • es gibt eben immer Grenzen die nicht überschritten werden dürfen und dafür muss man etwas tun. 😏 Mein Schokoladenversteck verrate ich aber keinem 🤤 #studygram #studyblog #studystudystudy #desksetup #details #stabilopastel #autumn #excited #worklifebalance #thesweatlife #università #universitystudent #universitylife #bachelorette #macbook #macbookair #applelove #notestagram #nothingisordinary #youcandoit #calledtobecreative #patologia #medicalstudent #management #falliscoming #handwritten #homesweethome #onmydesk #bookstagram #motivation
Take a break from your busy schedule and the stress that accompanies it. The worries of life can wait.🙏
This Is the Day the Lord Has Made features Scripture-designed images and artwork inspired by the joy found in God’s Word. Spend some quiet time relaxing as you color. Be refreshed and renewed as you meditate on the goodness of God. Watch each page come alive as you allow your creativity to flow freely, filling the intricate images with the beauty of color. 🎨
I am super charging my content game and I am SO excited about it. I think sometimes I am limited when it comes to catching your attention and expressing how passionate I am about helping your business with just text and flat images. If you are excited about VIDEO and AUDIO content full of FREE tips and tricks you can actually implement into your Social Strategy as you watch and listen, comment below and I will shoot you a DM to join a super new group I am working on!
Sneak peek new blog post. Head over to the blog for a fall date picnic post. Link in bio #fallpicnic #picnicdate
There are times as entrepreneurs that though we toil passionately day and night in our businesses, it can seem as if we’re TALKING TO THE WALL!

NOT TRUE! Our audiences are always watching, reading, listening and thinking. I read some place that it takes up to seven contacts before a person will take react to the seeds you’re planting and the information you’re sharing.

All this to say, keep sharing your message. Keep believing in what you’re doing. Keep planting those seeds. They eventually sprout AND yield!

#believeinyou #entrepreursrock #nevergiveup #keepbelieving

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