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User Image mrsbarberette Posted: Nov 21, 2017 9:07 AM (UTC)
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I'm proof that you can wear your hair both curly and straight. And both equally look nice. #igoraroyal #iloveboth waiting for the weather to get cold so I can go back to my Straight look. #mrsbarberette #310barbers #hawthornebarber #caligirl #Calibarbers #LABARBER #best #thebest #summer #barberstylest #like4like #tbt #follow #cute #fade #she #shecancut #cute #tbt #follow #cute #fade #she
today someone said "Do you know what they do for work? have you looked at what [clara] does?" And what is it that i do that is so wrong? is it wrong to love yourself? is it wrong to have enough self confidence to say, 'hey world look at me' to say 'i am not ashamed of who i am or my body' to say 'yes, i am educated. no i am not scared to become a sheep. no i will not be bound by societies self shaming normalities' ?

i am first and foremost a strong woman. I am educated, opinionated, yet open minded. I am a creative. I am an entepenuer. I am a coordinator/assistant/admin of an up and coming photo business, web designer, self teaching makeup/paint artist, show girl street performer, model and many more roles.
I am a dream chaser. I am a part of something bigger.
i am not, and refuse to be, brainwashed into being ashamed of my work. society seeks to shame the confident and shun the different. i refuse to be complicit in such thinking.
to you, sir, i hope one day you understand that a nude photo and similar works are not inherently a sin, something to be ashamed of. that shame is a figmentation of a society which seeks to control.
i will not apologize or be ashamed of these choices i have made. i choose to be on the side of history that says embrace ourselves in all of our flaws. *
i had to go back and add a never before shared photo. fuck society's "normal". I dont know anyone who is "normal" and actually happy. let's get weird.

circa winter 2016
pc @freddyrodrig
Know your worth and never settle for less ! It’s hard sometimes to step out of your comfort zone for the sake of better life but when you finally do , you will never have a single regret about that!
Wrong job, wrong people around can make your life pretty miserable.
It’s all in your hands to make changes and your life. It certainly not easy and definitely scary.
Be brave, don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone, because it’ll worth it at the end.
I’ve done it so many times. I moved to different country on my own, I broke unhealthy relationships, I quit jobs that didn’t bring me satisfaction, I’ve done it all and never regret after.
I encourage you to try, explore and create things in your life, now. Don’t wait for perfect opportunity, it will never come, take action now! ‘
Just a thought from #masha
User Image emojibliss Posted: Nov 21, 2017 7:47 AM (UTC)
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Oh #fuggedaboutit I’m just fine here on this big couch by myself. #emojibliss #cattledog dreams.

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