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Want to score this poster for free? Play Gilmore Girls Trivia for a chance at freebies! I sent one trivia question around recently and Gilmore fans had so much fun with it! The question: How many scenes can you remember where character(s) said "Gilmore Girls" or "Gilmore Girls"? There were SIX possible scenes and our winner selected at random named em all! (WOW!) Congrats to @transformed1919 -- You are amazing and won a freebie with any purchase from our shop! 😁 Here are the answers!! 🔸️Season 1, Episode 14: "I thought I'd stop by and surprise the Gilmore Girls." - Christopher 🔷️Season 1, Episode 21: "...commiserate about how they had a Gilmore girl and lost a Gilmore girl." 🔸️Season 2, Episode 1: "Dean, tonight you officially became a Gilmore girl." 🔷️Season 5, Episode13: "Who could not like being kissed by a Gilmore Girl?" -Christopher 🔸️Season 6, Episode 5: "Why I believe it's those adorable Gilmore Girls." -Rory 🔷️Revival, Fall: Lorelai: "Drop the 'the.' Just Gilmore Girls. It's cleaner."
Rory: "Gilmore Girls"
Today was a beautiful day and I needed me some sea salt & sun 🌊☀️
The smoke has cleared out a little & I've gotten to dance today so I'm a happy camper.
tlbvelo 15m ago
Why go to Malibu? To ride, of course. A lot of riding, actually. Where the sun is almost guaranteed to shine, the views to die for and the roads run for miles. Even better when you go with friends. The collection from this particular ride is found via my profile link.
I've been trying so hard to write down thoughts from my conference trip to LA. There are too many rolling around in my mind. It's been hard to figure out how to sort them out.

I met people from all over the country and they all had eye opening stories. While on my tour, I heard from two gentlemen, with very different backgrounds, who were homeless at one point in their lives. A lady I was in a workshop with answered a question about safety with concerns about the murder rate in her community. A story about a grocery store being shut down because of people stealing food. It left a community with nowhere close by to get food. Another lady talked about a student taking food from the cafeteria for his brother at home because he didn't have much to eat there. Stories about single parents working so hard to provide for their families and ends still not meeting.

And yet there were so many stories of hope, too. The help the gentlemen received from social workers who believed they were worth more than the park benches they slept on. Community members stepping up and starting gardens and seed catalogs to help replace the grocery store. The teacher who noticed the student who was taking the food, but instead of assuming he was a bad kid, she asked why.

There's so much division and hatred in the world. Social media makes that so much easier to spread. It was inspiring being surrounded by leaders from all over the country who want and are working hard to make this world a better place. But we don't get to these places by ourselves. "I sit on the shoulders of all who came before me." One of the opening speakers said that and it really resonated with me. There's so much truth behind it. Somehow I've landed myself in the life I currently have and in leadership positions. I still wonder how that happened. At one time I had a choice in which direction my life could go. Looking back, even though it was hard to see, I had good people looking out for me and guided me down the right path. I continue to have good people looking out for me and standing by my side. I only hope I can give the world as much kindness, encouragement, and compassion it has showed me.

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