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I couldn't be more grateful for this man in my life and the incredible friend he is to me. I still remember the exact place I was standing the day @moneal and I talked on the phone for the first time years ago, and we began talking about the possibility of a Instagram road trip with a few other dudes now know as the #CaliBoomAdventure.

Even before we met in person, I knew we were going to be great friends (sometimes I get the same feeling about @taylorswift - but that's another story). Michael is hands down one of the most inspiring, generous and creative people I know. But even beyond that, I simply just love seeing the way that he lives his life and treats everyone with such a deep and genuine love.

I couldn't be more proud of him and more than anything wish I could be spending today in SF with him to celebrate his Birthday. But since I can't, I thought together we could shower him with love, kind words, and good vibes today!

Happy Birthday @moneal!🎈
Ok, inspired by my bud @ravivora, I want to do a Q&A. Ask me any question in the comments on this photo and I'll try to answer everyone! 💪😎
keeg 4y ago
Loved walking through this square at night.
Sacramento was cooler and more ghetto than I thought. Kind of sad to be leaving. Taking the greyhound to SF with @bethanyolson and @withhearts. We couldn't be more excited! #caliboomadventure
I finally got to meet up with @danotis today in Sacramento. He's as talented and authentic as his photos. I love when @instagram introduces me to great people. I hope our paths cross again soon Dan! #socialportrait #caliboomadventure
I guess I can post a selfie for #selfiesunday. Thank you @withhearts for capturing this! Down in Sacramento and just finished an amazing weekend at the @iamammolive conference. Now heading to San Francisco for the week with @withhearts, @keeg, @brandon_schulz & others. #ammo2013 #caliboomadventure
//And when I lost all hope to look
Someone took that heavy book from my hands
All it's weight they set aside
After they had satisfied it's demands
I felt white and black reverse
And the lifting of a curse from my heart
Then like one receiving sight
I beheld a brilliant light in the dark// • @haihype looks into himself • #victoriabeach_011213 #afterglow #mextures
This is my sister, she is one of the brightest lights in the world. She would do anything for me and I am so grateful for her. #madlove
"Home is wherever I'm with you." Edward Sharpe