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dypsa_ 12m ago
Petit regard à @laplumedezazu il reste 500 mètre, c'est dur mais ça va le faire! On serre les dents et on sprint🚀
It breaks my heart that with all of the kitty beds and soft snuggly places, he always lays on the hard floor cause it’s what he’s used to.😿 #rescuekitty #Cal #ragdoll
Our Spring 2018 courses are now up on the website (link in bio). We’re especially excited for Professor Peter Zinoman’s course “Vietnam at War,” a topic of renewed discussion with the recent airing of the Ken Burns mini-series. In addition to the military, political, and social dynamics of the conflict, the class will address representations of the Second Indochina War in film, fiction, and memoirs. Stay tuned for more featured spring courses! (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
"Come on Luke I'll introduce you to my oldest son. My daughter and youngest son are at bible camp. If your still here I'll introduce you when they get back." Mrs. Irwin said pulling my arm up the stairs.
I was taking everything I had not reply to how dumb all this was, but if I can get upstairs and she go back down I can sneak out the window. So I just went along with it. "Ashton I want you to meet someone." She said as she opened a door to a bed room.
As we walked in I noticed the room was perfectly organized, clean and boring. I shook my head, whoever lived here was probably some good boy that never gets in trouble, tells his mother everything and is a total nerd. Definitely not someone I want anything to do with. "Ashton this is Luke. Luke this is Ashton." Mrs. Irwin said.
I turned to look over at the boy she was introducing me too. The second I looked I had to keep my mouth from falling open. He had beautiful curly hair I just wanted to run my hands through, he had big hazel eyes, and his lips looked soft, and his body was slim and small yet was perfect. "Hi I'm Ashton." He held out his hand for me to shake. Just like I figured his voice was practically angelic. Stop it Luke god damn stop it. "Sup." I nodded my head and walked over sitting on his desk as his mother left the room. "So you must be a Hemmings right?" Ashton asked standing a little shyly in his place. "Yup. Not something I admit to often." I replied continuing to look around his room. "How come?" Ashton asked confused finally looking up at me.
We got the some of our regular @cal_football players coming through for lunch after their huge victory against ranked Washington State on Friday. Congrats on the W boys!! #CalFootball #IBsBerkeley #Cheesesteaks #Cal #GoBears #Football #Berkeley #UCBerkeley

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