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Sorry for my bad english;
there are some things I want to say. knows me a lot of beadlesbabes . do you remember? Beadlesbabes are looking at me facebook account to find a times photo. For Christian Beadles photos.
because I found the newest photos. My facebook account was like a Christian Beadles photo album. Hahaha this so perfect memories and always make Me cry :) now years have passed. christian grew up. Now he is not LittleCbeadles anymore. I've won a lot of battle for you. Do you remember me, christian? I think you do not remember. It 's been a long time. Seeing you happy is making me cry from happiness. physical and spiritual pain too. but now you are happy more than old days. you deserve and all the beadles family. I swear to you I love you so much. You, Sandi,Will and Caitlin are the people I take my example. and Emmy. I think she's the best girl you've ever met. I always wish you were with Emmy together. because you look so happy together. christian, you are strong. I've always been proud of you. I am always proud of you and your family. I always love beadles family. I will love you until I die. And I will be always beadlesbabe. I will always be here for you. Even when you're an old man I'll find you. I'll do everything that I can for you until I see you're happy. I know your wonderful family will do it already. but I will do too. Do not forget. I will never forget you. This not goodbye, because we will be meet and greet one day again... Do you remember this? "Meet and greet" :) oh, i will cry now.. So so sorry... Seee ya Christian, God Bless you. See ya Caitlin, God Bless you. See ya mom sandi, God Bless you. See ya dad will, God Bless you. And see ya Emmy, God Bless you 💖 #christianbeadles #sandibeadles #willbeadles #beadlesfamily #caitlinbeadles #emmymenders #beadlesbabe #beadlesbabefamily @iambeadles @soswillrock @mamabswag @caitlinbeadles @emmymedders
Please post the originals on Facebook fan page or tumblr please they are so beautiful! #CaitlinBeadles
Cast: Caitlin beadles
Ini tetangga sebelah mantan justin juga. Baik, pintar dan lemah lembut. Ansel sama Nash berusaha buat jodohin dia sama Justin. Tapi Justin lebih milih dua bitch itu.

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