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So beyond excited to say that I just accepted a "big girl" job in CHICAGO! Feeling so blessed and grateful for this opportunity 💗 #byebyeboca
Moving day is here!!!! I'm really excited about all this, it's been 5 hours since we started and we are still here 😱😱😱 I'm so glad the kids are with my sis @maiellomonik . I'm planning to do my first run in the new neighborhood this Sunday yei!!! .
#happyrunhappymom #movingday #movingsuck #nonstopsincethismorning #byebyeboca #parkland #parklandmom
Where my girls at! From Penn Station and back! So lucky to not only have both these grandmas in my life but to also now have them both a train ride away from NYC! #newsquad #grandmas #grandparentsweekend #backtoback #byebyeboca #helloholmdel
The past two weeks with @jwdavis1098 have been sheer bliss! Thank you to everyone who's been a part of our journey over the last four years! We can't wait to begin the next chapter together in Chicago #married #byebyeboca #hellochicago Thanks to @magnifiedjoy for the beautiful wedding photo!
Hey guys!! In about two weeks I'll be making my departure from Boca. I have met some amazing people, did some amazing things and sure did learn a hell of a lot. I will miss it here but I am ready to start a new chapter in my life!! So Jax wanted to meet everyone before we go. Come stop by anytime today for post Christmas drinks and fun! Message me for directions if you don't already know!! #comeseeourzoo #supernintendo #eat #drink #joegotxboxonefromsanta #byebyeboca #turningthepage #imgonnamissmypeople 🍻🍷😊👋🏼