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User Image 12.04.2017pp Posted: Oct 24, 2017 7:40 AM
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- блинчики с мясом
- кофе
Swipe left for real life stories of women who emailed me, sharing their experiences with #bulimia & #binge eating. #youarenotalone
What are the odds that people will actually read this? Not very high I supposed because most just look at photos and skip the content.
But I've been feeling this in my heart to talk about this.
I've always have a soft spot for women who go through eating disorders. I guess it's because I have experienced it and I know what it feels like when you've spiralled deep into what seems like an endless abyss. The guilt and shame that taunts you. The fear of someone finding out that you have no control over this area of your life. The self condemnation that screams in your head that you are disgusting, you're pathetic for not being able to control your eating, you're a loser and you'll never amount to anything.
I know those thoughts because they controlled my life for many years.

I know those moments when you plan for a binge, you stuff yourself in secret because you're too ashamed to let anyone see you eating in that manner. You don't even enjoy the food that you keep putting into your mouth.. your stomach hurts, you feel sick and disgusted at yourself all at once. And at that moment you make that promise that tomorrow, things will be different. You will start afresh. And when tomorrow comes, just one cookie triggers another bingeing episode.
I was bulimic since 14. Hospitalised at 17. Made a full recovery of purging my food at 20. But I was still binge eating the years after. I only stopped completely when I was 29. I'm 33 now. And yes I have bodybuilding since 18. You do the math.
How did I overcome this? I had to let go completely and let God take control of this area in my life. I know not everyone believes in Jesus. And that's ok with me, I respect that. But I hope that you will also respect my beliefs. I don't force anything down someone's throat. I'm just simply sharing how my life was changed. I came to the end of mySELF and shifted my eyes on Jesus. I'll post more in detail soon or maybe even do a live chat. Share this with a friend who might need to read this today. 💗💪🏾
Если честно бесят люди,которые считают,что анорексия - это истощенное тело и выпирающие кости.Ау,люди,анорексия- психическое заболевание,характеризующееся страхом перед едой и привесом.(дала простое не научное определение).Анорексией могут болеть люди разного пола,возраста и весовой категории.
Бесят,когда говорят "Ты что ничего не ешь?Анорексичкой станешь!"Ахаха ,что?!Если я не поем в этот час ,день или минуту я не сброшу 20 кг и не помру моментально.Человек может есть тогда,когда сам хочет и не стоит его заставлять,да и запрещать тоже(если он не весит под сотню).
А теперь поговорим о глупых девочках/мальчиках ,которые ХОТЯТ заболеть анорексией.Вы с дубу рухнули?Анорексия не такая прекрасная ,ее лишь зря романтизируют.Пострадав,поймете.
А теперь перейдем к другому.На данный момент я выхожу из кп ,на котором набрала 2-3 кг,опять эти ляхи и щеки,которые меня бесят.Никак не могу взяться и сесть на диету.Сейчас я ее выбираю.А то не могу уже на это смотреть.
User Image recoveryforpuppies Posted: Oct 24, 2017 7:37 AM
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This is really late but morning tea at school was a Coconut Chobani
yogurt 🍧My day today has not been great 😕 I woke up and I instantly felt very down, my heart felt heavy and nothing seemed to be okay 😔 However I still got up had breakfast and went to school. When I got to school I was quite chatty because I didn't want to show that I wasn't feeling the greatest but I think I over did it so I lost the energy to put a complete wall up so by last period I could hardly speak 😖I have weigh in tomorrow and I'm really nervous because the scales were broken last week and I am afraid that the number this week when I'm on the normal one will be sky high😷
- (TW) I am feeling really suicidal right now and I really want to self harm. I have been having a war with myself all day about what I should eat and my brain is screaming at me that it is too much. I just want a break from my head for a bit. (TW Over)
I hope everyone is having a good day 💜
User Image mint.peachy Posted: Oct 24, 2017 7:27 AM
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do you guys have any plans for your future?🍑✨

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