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This little girl jumped out of her nest box today. Couldn't be happier with the look of this bird. #lacewing #lacewingbudgie #budgies #budgiesofelwood #budgiesofinstagram
Love it when we get a super friendly one. Latest batch of babies left the nest a couple of days ago #budgiesofelwood #budgies #babybudgies
United Budgerigar Society is a budgerigar club based in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and one of the most successful on the show circuit.
If you have just purchased a new budgerigar, are considering buying one, or maybe already have an aviary full, then we hope you will find this site helpful.
This hobby will bring you a great deal of pleasure, whether it is the satisfaction from show competitions, or meeting people & making friends through a common interest.
Experience the enjoyment of breeding these wonderful birds. Use the hobby as a joint family activity for bonding. Learn and or teach your children about animal husbandry, or maybe the genetics of breeding the different colours will interest you.
United Budgerigar club is one of 22 clubs in Victoria,  Australia. We are based in the metropolitan area North of Melbourne, with the majority of our members based primarily in the North Eastern suburbs.
The club is one of the most successful clubs on the show circuit, with a number of Champion breeders and senior Judges as members. The club was formed out of the amalgamation of several other clubs, Northcote-Heidelberg clubs in 1968.
The club encourages all members to breed at least one of the lesser/recessive varieties as well as their normal’s, so that the club can field a full team with birds in every variety for the inter-club Shield competitions. New & beginner members are assisted with obtaining birds & harder to get varieties.
This is a great help to these breeders and the club. Beginner members are also assisted pairing their birds for breeding, overall husbandry and culling for sale birds. As well as sharing the competitive and animal husbandry aspects of the hobby, our club has a good social program, which fosters friendship and camaraderie.
 If you want to join a great, friendly club, that is one of the most successful on the show bench.
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Bad birdie or show cage training? Cage bars are so unappealing.... But this little lady is in show training and looking pretty as a picture for upcoming show next month. She is one of our girls that hatched earlier this year #showtraining #budgie #budgieclub #showgirl #yellowlacewing #lacewingbudgie #budgiesofelwood
Our aviary is getting full. Some of our birds are looking for new digs. We have split Lacewings cocks with mixes 50/50 from these bloodlines Tevelien, Baxter, Orlandi and Ray & German. Don't have to be sold to breeders... Just saying. View more at #budgiesofinstagram #budgiesofelwood #budgies #budgerigar #forsale #birds #budgiebreeder #biodynamicbudgies