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@sunnywoe Single "Gone" #bryantx #collegestation #music #nav #drake #prz Follow @bastiansgoofy I always put out the best new artist and music. Follow if your interested in keeping up with your new and favorite artist.
That moment the light from the TV hits that tiny silhouette so magically. One of our all time favorite captures of our Littlest Lamb during a tickle sesh: #CharliNicole
#familyfun #photooftheday #bryantx #countryliving #silhouette #watertowineproductions
Archery is a sport that relies heavily on tweaking and tuning your set up till you get it perfect! Sometimes these tuning techniques come from carefully calculations while others come from simply having an idea and trying it. These arrows definitely come from the latter.

These were all shot and tuned on a @elitearchery tempo and 71 pounds and 29” draw.

Arrow 1. This was our control arrow for the comparisons. It is a @blackeaglearrows deep impact 300 spine and 11.1 GPI. It weighed a total of 458 grains. When shot through the chronograph it registered at 269 FPS and flew how you would expect a properly tuned arrow to fly at 40 yards.

Arrow 2. This was our #zebraball a #eastonfmj 340 spine and 11.3 GPI. It weighed a total 520 grains with 8 blazer veins and flew at 256 FPS. We expected it to be slowed down by the added weight and the increase in air resistance from the extra fletchings. It was considerably louder when shot at 40 yards, though it was a much lower pitch hum compared to arrow 1. It also flew very well at the added distance.

Arrow 3. #sweettart is also a #blackeaglearrows deep impact 300. This arrow weighed in at 498 with 9 fusion x-II 1.75” fletchings. When shot through the chronograph it registered 261 FPS, only 8 FPS slower than our control. This really surprised us along with how well it shot at 40 yards. This arrow also had a slight hum but was not nearly as loud as arrow 2. There was very little difference arrow 1 and 3.
Here at Live Oak Archery, we like tinkering with things and will continue to see how these two arrows do in different conditions. If you experiment and try anything tag us in your post so we can see it.
Today, City staff members rallied together to help paint our town pink in support of the Pink Alliance Brazos Valley's goal of raising breast cancer awareness and prevention.
The Pink Alliance Brazos Valley serves as our community's advocate for breast cancer health and support. Today a number of local businesses have partnered with the non-profit and are donating 10% of each bill back to the Pink Alliance.
To see a complete list of restaurants that supporting this initiative, please visit!

#PaintTheTownPink #BetterInBryan #BryanTX #BreastCancerAwareness
Howl-O-Ween is THIS Saturday, October 21st! And if you are looking to add four legged friends to your family, the Bryan Animal Center will be hosting FREE on-site adoptions! *Pumpkin decorating
*Pet costume parade
*Bounce houses
*And more!

We can't wait to see you there!

#BryanTX #BetterInBryan #HowlOWeen #AdoptDontShop — at Morris Buzz Hamilton Memorial Dog Park.

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