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Part 7 - Final part

So this was the main area of skin Lucius lost & you can see his surgery scars. He has a small pouch of spare skin as they didn’t what to remove it and his nipples are all in the wrong place. He has no inguinal flaps to his back legs so when his sits, his fur sticks up & we call it his bingo wings. His stomach fur goes in all different directions & is longer is some places that others. The main thing is as you all know he is fit & healthy with no disability & a passion for life that is written all over his face. He appreciates life to the full. You can see his tum today in the second picture and his bingo wing! It took a year before he could eat normal food again & we have to keep him as drug free as possible with definitely no antibiotics or metacam. Sadly he also had to have all his back teeth removed as the blood supply to them was also compromised & the teeth just died.
This was operation number 8.

It was hard to decide whether to let him lead an outside life, with the risks this could pose, but we felt he should experience all that life had to offer after what he has been through, so Lucius & Willow go out when we are at home, but stay in at night & when we are not around. His lack of teeth has not stopped him becoming a mighty hunter.

Lucius we love you & we say YAY to #andersonmoores, #downlandsvets & #petplan. Without you all our gorgeous boy wouldn’t be with us now.

Lucius’s full name is Lucius Vorenus, named after a Roman centurion who featured in the writings of Julius Caesar. He was a mighty warrior & harder than a coffin nail. Little did we know that a name could suit a cat so well.

I hope you liked his story & may it give you hope & comfort if your beloved pet ever falls ill.
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