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Brother sister bond only gets stonger with age. I give him advice and help when it is needed. He learns with me and from me both new things and mistakes. I love my little brother and nothing or no one can break that. I do anything for my brother i love you nate nate #unexpectedpicture #brothersister #mybabypuppy #maya #bond #misshim #missthem
Our noses are getting longer and our bodddds are getting lighter. Bring on the #gsd ✨if only our ear would pop up 😒
Out for a hike on this 100 degree day in LA or maybe just an audition 😉. Love getting to audition with my little brother. @kannonhicks
sear.c 2h ago
These kids light up my life and make me crazy but it's the way I like it 😜 #mybebs #brothersister
I never had a brother but India gave me one! Happy birthday to my big crazy baby @anandjoy ! I taught you how to dance kathak, you taught me how to put oil on my hair and egg mask on my face (yuk 🤢) to look prettier lol! Love you and miss you loads! And behave yourself! 😄💛 #brothersister #india #chennai
jbo55 2h ago
Crazy kids. Isla is supposed to be dancing. Mason is amused by her faces #brothersister #danceclass #sillyfaces

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