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Stunning Brookline Village penthouse rental at Cypress Lofts with 2 bed/2bath/2 garage parking and No Fee. $3,595.00 per month and Available 11.1 #brooklinevillage #brooklinehills #rifrullocafe #brooklinehighschool #brookline #agentsofcompass #compass
Had a chance to knock off the top team in the league last night in a semi-final game, but fell short 76-70. Even though we took the L it was really fun game because it was intensely competitive, there were big shots/plays, and the level of respect & love between players is incomparable. It's that special bond that athletes from any background share with one another.

All for the love of the game.💪🏀🖤 (Clip 1/3)
__________________________ **New @VikingSportsMa Men's Basketball League Starts October 23rd!** 12 game schedule + playoffs
$500 per team
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Check out our now-Headmaster showing his bowling skills at a past GalaRama--and see it in person this year! For more info: #bhsinnovationfund #educationinnovation #bhs #brooklinehighschool
Mike Dukakis was my Professor at UCLA Luskin MPP program back in 2001. Ever since then, I have called on him as friend and mentor, to often explain the political & cultural complexities and uncertainties in U.S. We are both products of the Boston Public School system, and Mike revels in stories and quips, with the best memory of anyone I have met. He is a political animal, and he musters the Socratic questions and intellectual proverbs of the ancient Greeks. Unlike most politicians, Mike teaches his students not to learn from the public health and transportation infrastructure he put in place during the "Massachusetts Miracle," but to learn from his political mistakes. He emphatically pushes his students to first of all, become political, to embrace inclusivity in all forms (it can't hurt you to talk to anyone and learn their views), precinct voting ("bloody knuckles") and in general to be loyal to ethics. Often he would tell me: "Nate, When I was Governor I was at home with Kitty and from 6-8 pm, no phone calls." Mike is old school. Optimism, tenacity, and passion is what defines excellence. He believes in American exceptionalism, that there is greatness in the American experience. Although Dukakis had been accepted into Harvard Law School, he chose to enlist in the United States Army. When Dukakis answered Bernard Shaw's CNN question about the death penalty during the 1988 debates, he didn't sugar coat his views on the death penalty. Today Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would have answered that question differently, in part because of our enslavement to a type of disingenuousness brought upon by decades of political insincerity, rising inequalities spawned by corporate greed, Zucker/Trump cult TV, and a social media obfuscated by Russian interference. MIke served his country. He didn't avoid the draft, as Trump did. Unlike Trump who can't put on a pair of sneakers to save his life, The Duke played sports competitively at Brookline High School, and ran the Boston Marathon. I am lucky to know this incredible human soul and perennial mentor. #bostonstrong #mikedukakis #uclaluskin #brooklinehighschool
We are so proud to be the cornerstone sponsors of the BHS Innovation Fund’s annual gala on November 4th! The Innovation Fund’s goal is to invest in courses, programs, forums and research that help administrators and faculty continue to deliver excellence in an evolving world. The Fund serves as venture capital for public education. See the link in our bio for more information on the Fund! #brookline #brooklinehighschool #supportpublicschools #compass #ourcommunity #agentsofcompass
For the make up artist: Por favor, quiero que mis ojos estan muy dramaticos como un gato. Then I showed her a picture of Milad. #whitewedding #wedding #friendstrip #cartagena #colombia #bridesmaids #brooklinehighschool #pleaserise #holagatomellamoleah