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New Nail Polish!!
The picture behind the nail polish is drawn on my broken wallet💦
#nailpolish #manicures #paris #brokenwallet #ちふれ
i have a job interview tomorrow, I'm gonna tell my prospective future boss that I got attacked by a vampire if he asks about these bug bites on my neck, pray for me
Extremely sad about this right now! Totally broke when I was using it. Now time to change the wallet and see what I can do about it. @katespadeny #katespade #brokenwallet #sigh #poorwallet
Sooooo while we were at the ER yesterday for Matt's foot, this happened 😐(MIL was watching the kids) the neighbor kid threw a ball and we now have a broken window that will cost $270 to have fixed 😦..... yesterday was a $$$ day! #brokenbones #brokenglass #brokenwallet
Hello Byson.. ang galing mo, nakaikot pa tayo nang malabon kanina at papacheckup lang sana kita.. nung ikaw na, biglang ang dami mong sakit!! #HeartBroken #BrokenWallet hahahaha
Monday mood when you don't have to do anything✨ Question: my wallet is giving up on me. Does anyone know some sustainable brands with nice wallets? Hope so🙌🏼 Good luck with this new week💗 Dress and necklaces - secondhand #brokenwallet #sustainablewallet #sustainablebrands

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