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Had my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday and I spent the last few days at home relaxing. Did pretty well and didn't online shop, BUT failed when Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched the Star Family Collection 🌟 I just couldn't help myself! I bought the lipstick bundle and Nathan's 🥞 Pancakes & syrup lip scrub!
Happy birthday to my lil sister jk thanks for being my bank #brokelife , my mother at times, and for being my absolute bestie can’t believe this is your last birthday at the family home before you get married and move to the countryside, thanks for being one of the nuttiest people in the family dad being number one #duh?! Your always there to make me laugh or cry mostly laugh at the stupid stuff you do. Anyway I’ll cut this short HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS YA OLD LADY ❤️❤️❤️
“Wanna give a bitch my heart but I can't though
I can't fall in love with a stank ho
Lil' bitch I fell in love with the bank ho
And you know I love that good drank, ho” #stancehondaa#teggygang#rip#slammedenuff#static#staticgang#camberlife#brokelife#oem#itr#teggy#tegdaily#tegcity

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