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User Image damarkustom Posted: Nov 23, 2017 7:27 AM (UTC)
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Shock Up Side Down New 1000%
T. 78cm
L. 26cm
As In. 41mm
As Out. 51mm
Tebal. 28mm
Triple Tree Full Almunium CnC
As Komstir Yamaha Byson
Warna Tabung Silver
Bisa utk Double Disc

harga 2,8jt/set
pemesanan n cek ongkir silahkan
WhatsApp Marketing kami
(senin s/d sabtu dr jam 9-5sore)

wa.0813 8424 2311
Line. damargarage_mkt1
Line. damargarage_mkt2

harga diatas :
👉 Belum termasuk ongkir
👉 harap dibaca terlebih dahulu
👉 kondisi sesuai di foto

payment with:
Tranfer BCA, BNI, Mandiri
Debit,Visa, Master, PayPal

tidak menerima retur dalam bentuk alasan apapun, barang sebelum dikirim telah kami cek terlebih dahulu.

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User Image ryhanniefam Posted: Nov 23, 2017 7:25 AM (UTC)
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Chapter 20
Hayden's pov:
I followed her father out of the room. "I'm sorry for breaking the window, I was afraid I would be to late if I didn't" I said. "No, I'm thankful for your quick actions, but I have some questions." He said. "ok sir." I said, trying to be polite. "Do you like Annie?" He asked. I didn't know what to say. " I mean, yeah I like her. She is my friend." I responded uncertain about my answer. He laughed. "No, I mean like do you have a crush on her?" he asked, making things awkward. "Idk, Should I?" I asked. He chuckled and patted my back. "I like you, your a good kid. Thanks for saving my daughter." I smiled. "Your welcome Mr. LeBlanc." I responded. "Please, call me Billy." I smiled and followed him back up the stairs. "Can I have a second alone with her?" I asked. He nodded. We got to her room and he cleared everyone out. Annie was sitting by her window, with her face in her hands. They must have cleaned up the glass. I went and sat down next to her. She wrapped her arms around me and cried into my chest. "Annie, Promise you won't do that ever again." She didn't respond. "Annie, I need to tell you something." She looked up at me. "What?" She asked. "You aren't alone, you'll always have me. Also your fans are worried about you. All my comments on my post are asking if your okay. Idk how they even know we talk." She laughed when I said that. "Theres that smile and Laugh I know." "How? We literally just met and so far all I have been is in tears." I looked at her and sighed. "When we first started talking I stalked you Instagram and watched all your vlogs" I admitted. "OMG, that is so embarrassing, What else do you know?" she asked. "Let me see, Rockstar Lilly and Rockstar Molly. I know about Liv and Katie. You used to do gymnastics. When you were ten everyone shipped you with Brennan # brannie. Also i know about Caleb... And when your first Met Dylan and Jayden." I said. Her jaw dropped. "Anyways, I need to get going. I'll see you in LA?" I asked. She looked at me confused. "You leaving?" She asked, her smile disappeared. "Tonight."*End of chapter* #Hanniefanfic #AnnieLeBlanc #bratayley #CalebLogan #Calebleblanc #celebratelife

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