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Emotions, and expressing them, is ONE: not something to apologise for and TWO: does not make you weak.
Anger is a little different because there are not so great ways to express anger (punching someone), but I'm going to focus on sadness.
Everyone has emotions and feels emotions. This is a very personal thing and is different for everyone. Different scenarios affect people differently. Someone's emotional reaction to an event is not WRONG or WEAK or HEARTLESS just because it is different to yours. Even if you don't understand, you can accept and acknowledge.
Example: pop star death.
WHAT NOT TO DO: No need to be so upset, it's not like you knew them personally.
A BETTER OPTION: I can see this has really upset you, is there something I can do to support you?
One more thing, where the hell did "men don't cry" come from and how do we destroy it?
I think the pros of crying could be a different rant.
Saturdays involved making our entrances into life outside
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imo, ‘blonde’ & ‘endless’ are practically on the same level from a musical standpoint. i think the majority of people prefer ‘blonde’ simply due to accessibility and replay value for individual tracks. imo, ‘endless’ is a better album experience but ‘blonde’ excels in individual track value. but to me, from an artistic view, the visual album is actually very beautiful and in many ways makes ‘endless’ that much more special. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
what are your opinions on endless?
Когда пришла к парню на работу и врубила новый клип отеля на проекторе во всю стену ахахах #tokiohotel #boysdontcry #th #billkaulits #tomkaulitz #новыйклип #отель #aliens

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