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HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY #WandaJackson!! Known to many as the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson is a maverick performer whose influence has reached far beyond the genre and cast a long shadow on the history of music. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
In 2004 we released a sincere tribute to Ms. Jackson, with artists like @nekocaseofficial @hoganhere #WayneHancock, #RobbieFulks #BottleRockets, and more covering her iconic numbers. If ya ain't heard it, we got it.
The BRs and I all agreed that the #martystuart set with the #fabuloussuperlatives on 9/30 was a killer, stunning tour-de-force. Here's a quick video that I shot, from out by the soundboard at #rootsnbluesnbbq fest. #bottlerockets #martystuartandhisfabuloussuperlatives #tourdeforce
Diwali (Deepavali) is the Indian Festival of Lights and is celebrated every year in October or early November depending on the calendar. It's celebrated around India in different ways but generally speaking it's the major festival of the year where all family gets together once a year. Diwali celebrates good over evil (light over darkness).
For India it's one of the largest commercial festivals and everyone (regardless of rich or poor) buys new clothes to wear on the day, decorates their homes with lamps / lights, and is also the biggest fireworks festival of the year. Everyone lights fireworks on the streets, building, and apartment rooftops. Since our family had not had a big gathering like this in a while - we went all out this year. For the whole country it's basically an excuse to light the most insane fireworks on the market on the streets.
It's similar to the 4th of July in the US but with way bigger and more badass fireworks since manufacturers of fireworks push hard to come out with more insane (louder, bigger rockets, larger comet based firework batteries, etc) fireworks. India for sure has the biggest and most badass fireworks I have ever seen and I didn't even get the most insane one this year (got the 250 comet launcher vs the 500).
Other than the comet firework battery, we also got cone fireworks, bottle rockets, and a bunch of other crackers to light on the street. We started at 7 pm and only finished at 3 am. Swipe right for photos.

#diwali #deepawali #fireworks #paradise250 #cometlauncher #fireworkbattery #rocketlauncher #bottlerockets #chakras #fireworkslauncher #6000shells #cometstyle #india #festivaloflights #whatregulations #standardfireworks #familyaffair
Today in Mr. Bernazzani's Physics classes, students created their own bottle rockets and then launched them out on the field as part of their lesson in understanding Newton's Second Law of Motion! #Science #physics #stem #stream #bottlerockets
Bottle rocket Screamers 12 rockets in a pack (produces whistle and bang) £7 each 2 for £12 or 4 for £20 FREE DELIVERY🔥💥 #firecrackersforsaleuk #firefishpyro #bottlerockets #firecrackers
Back on September 30 the #BottleRockets and I played at the #rootsnbluesnbbq Festival in Columbia, Mo., along with #themavericksband #martystuart #nikkihill #umtamedyouth, all kinds of great people. I loved the whole thing from top to bottom.
Here's a nice backstage shot of me and The BRs, along with #guitargreat #Kenny Vaughan. I first saw Kenny in Nashville with #GregGaring back in the early '90s, have been a fan ever since.
Seems likely this will be the only time I'm an executive producer of a record . I'm glad it's for one this good . 2 years old and I like it more all the time. #executiveproducer #thebottlerockets #bottlerockets
Water bottle rocket designers check gauge on air compressor to keep pressure added to 2 liter bottles in safe range. #Parklife #DrDuncan'sClass #science #bottlerockets #bsdfutureready