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User Image constantbuzzkill Posted: Dec 16, 2017 1:43 AM (UTC)

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🌼🌼🌼 Every plant has it's own way of procreating, each having male and/or female reproductive organs. The flower is often used to self pollinate. For other plants, the flower is bright and colourful, attracting insects as a medium of pollination. In Dietes bicolour (middle row, far right), the dark spots on the outer tepals are used as 'nectar guides' which lead insects to the site of nectar secretion. #plantsarecool
User Image woodnearth Posted: Dec 16, 2017 1:35 AM (UTC)
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Liver Tonic for World Digestion:

The political stage these days feels like some dimly lit, decrepit, slimy adult movie theater for twisted old white men. But hasn't it been for so long? The world just keeps stacking up more and more backlogged, oblivious, unconscious bullshit and it's truly a heroic feat to maintain health and sanity while still objectively caring. I don't recommend buying into the Zeitgeist--or any of the irrational fears and traps the media and elite are ensnaring us with--but there are tremendous systemic cultural and societal issues that saturate literally every personal aspect of lives, whether you're observing the phenomena or not. We need to acknowledge that the ominous future of the US is already here. 3 sleazy, perverted dudes have more wealth than half of all Americans. 40 million Americans are living in extreme poverty, and the UN is now entering US cities with their eyes on the depraved and hungry. We've entered an entirely new, radical paradigm of late-stage Capitalism. We don't need more 'upward mobility', more 'career-hoods', more specializations, more technological bandaids; we need compassion and endurance, love and altruism. Our bodies hold everything. They are not merely sacks of organs and organelles, complex biochemical exchanges, mere cellular adaptations through slow evolutionary time that we can dissect in some industrialized way. They are entire universes of language systems and energies being exchanged, simultaneously, every second of our lives, and every time we shun some non-quantifiable faculty of intuition, feeling, or emotion we are disparaging our bodies. We break them down with our minds, which have been equipped and manipulated to override the non-measurable world with advantageous, economic reward. Just as I can find renewal and rehabilitation for my body in the weeds around my house, we can all learn to listen, seek out new answers, find new meaning and expression through imagining what it is we need to change personally and collectively.
User Image wmknapp Posted: Dec 16, 2017 1:39 AM (UTC)
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Science in action! Nothing like protecting the last great places. It might not look as sexy as a photo from the field, but this is how it really gets done. #northcarolina #botany #ecology #conservation
User Image ryder_label Posted: Dec 16, 2017 1:19 AM (UTC)

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Road side meadows 🌻
User Image system_garden Posted: Dec 16, 2017 1:19 AM (UTC)

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New apical growth on one of our Davidsonia pruriens or Davidson’s plum trees in the Australian rain forest. There is so much to like about D.pruriens from the beautiful & vibrant new growth to the cauliferous bright blue fruit that is blood red internally or the very long & odd shaped leaves. There are only two species in the genus that can be found in rainforest areas in the northern NSW & QLD states. One of my favourite rainforest trees and if provided adequate shade, protection and water will be hit in anyone’s garden #systemgarden #newgrowth #teachinggarden #davidsonsplum #rainforest #rainforestplants #australianplants #victoriasfirstteachinggarden #plantswelove #botany #victoria #plantsforscience #plants #livingcollection #botanicgardens
User Image peacetree420 Posted: Dec 16, 2017 1:18 AM (UTC)

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If you're looking for a way to add terps, flavor and color to your flowers look @huntsharvest ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All of the growers interested in getting away from the chemical salt fertilizers and getting back to a more natural approach should check this company out! ✌🏼🌲 Their products are derived from nature and work much better with the plants natural ability to break down and utilize nutrients. Experienced growers know for the highest brix level and best quality - organic inputs are the Way to go! Stop force-feeding the chemicals and let nature do the work! ✌🏼🌲💚#mychorrizae #microbes #MicroNutrients #MacroNutrients #Nutrients #Biology #Science #Botany #Horticulture #Hydroponics #cococoir #peatmoss #rockwool #ebbandflow #draintowaste #nft #dripirrigation #notillgardening #kelp #seabirdguano #batguano #NoPGR #PesticideFree #Nutrients #HuntsHarvest #PeaceTreeGenetics #PeaceTree420 ✌🏼🌲💚
User Image nacgeo Posted: Dec 16, 2017 1:08 AM (UTC)

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nacgeo 41m ago
Foto @williamalbertallard | Valentino Park, 2001 | •
Las flores de albaricoque cayeron como nieve rosada por unos momentos mágicos en este hermoso parque que visité casi todos los días en que me encontré en Turín. Durante muchas visitas, simplemente admiré la belleza de los árboles en flor, pero sabía que si tenía suerte estaría en el parque un día en que una ligera brisa bajara las flores y esa tarde estuve deliciosamente bañado con ellas. En el momento justo, un pequeño grupo de personas ingresó al marco, caminando diagonalmente hacia la imagen, completando la imagen. • .
Sigue @nacgeo @nacgeotravel @nacgeocreative #nacgeo • .
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