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The Boston Cream Pie at the Omni Parker House--the official state dessert of Massachusetts--and a delicious one at that!
Happy Birthday to my awesome dad..88 ...his favourite..tofu stir fry with Boston Cream Pie for dessert. #bostoncreampie #veganstirfry #veganseat #govegan
Where I was a year ago. These were all delicious and my first attempts at really decorating and experimenting. I’ve gotta say I’ve come a long way and can’t wait to create more things. #homemade #fromscratch #vanilla #deadpool #whitechocolatemudcake #caramelfrosting #purple #bostoncreampie #uglycrust #firsttime #stilldelicious #proud
This particular cake is my culinary nemesis... it never turns out compared to store-bought... and I find it confounding and someday the stars will align and every piece will be perfect and I will have mastered the universe. This version brought to you by @kowalskis_markets
#kowalskismarkets #bostoncreampie #bostoncreamcake #cakes #masteringmycraft #smorgasbordmn #mplsfoodie #yummy #bestfoodtwincities #instafood #foodies #eeeeeats #foodie #pastrysnobmsp #cooksofcrocushill #eatdishdrinkmpls #forkyeah #tastyfood #dessert
one of the top 5 desserts i've ever had the pleasure of trying.. the original parker house boston cream pie.. don't be fooled by the name, as it's more sponge cake than pie.. it was light, fluffy and not overly sweet coated with chocolate and white icing as well as pastry cream and toasted almonds.. the chocolate and strawberries were the perfect accompaniment!
devoured this amazing dessert in the stunning parker's bar. it felt as though we were traveling through time to a period of opulence and elegance. fell in love with all the detailing from the gorgeous windows, to the wood features... unfortunately, i was thoroughly disappointed with the service. i went with 6 people to taste the "famous" boston cream pie and to my dire dismay, we were made to feel unwelcome for just ordering the cream pies and nothing else. why would the omni parker house advertise to be "famous" for inventing the cream pies if when people come to taste it, they are made to feel shunned by the staff for ordering it? every tour we went on the guides spoke highly of the dessert, so we thought that it was a must when in boston and yet once we went to have it, we felt most unwanted.. not how anyone would want to feel at the start of a vacation in a new city.. is this delectable dessert worth the terrible way you're treated? although, the pie was heavenly, my travel companions did not want to return for a second helping during the remainder of our trip.. thumbs down @omnihotels!

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