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Finding that balance between enjoying life and still staying healthy is definitely a trick. Yesterday I indulged a little bit a friend came over and we made some fun Halloween decorations and ate my failed cake it wasn't pretty but it sure tasted good. I was over on calories under on protein and was way over on carbs and fat yesterday. But I enjoyed my day and I still stayed under my maintenance calories. Yesterday I was feeling off I didn't feel great so I skipped my workout and rested and when I woke up today I felt great so I went and got in a quick legwork out. Every day isn't going to be perfect but if you're happy and most of your choices are healthy you're on the right path. Possibly my carb load situation yesterday. But today's lifts felt great. 115was my magic number today.
Backsquat 115lb
Split squat 12lb pair DB
Hip thrust 115lb
Hamstring ball slides
Lunges 12lb pair DB
Deadlift 115lb
Everything is still quite a bit lighter than where I was that when I left but it all felt really good I feel like I used the right weight today for everything I did. However it is freezing cold I started out in my sweatpants layered with shorts underneath because once I get going I warm up. But that initial shock of the freezing air is brutal. I'm not ready for it to be this cold yet. #StrengthUnleashedWithSheena #LegDay #SundayWorkout #Fitness #FitMom #InstaFit #GarageGym #BootyWurk #FitnessMotivation #FitnessInspiration #FindingBalance #StrongerEveryDay #DoTheWork #ListenToYourBody #BU #Squad #FitnessJunkie #FitnessJourney #DoingThisForMe #BeYourBestSelf #FindingBalance
So lucky that all these soccer gals took me under their wing when I was an awkward freshman. Had a blast and a half celebrating this beautiful bride! Congrats Lauryn & Joel - such an amazing celebration 🍾 🎉💕⚽️ #Saints4Life #Bootywurk #WuorioMarryMe
Please excuse me while I lay on the couch the rest of the day because my legs no longer work. Leg day...killed it. 🏋🏼‍♀️ #jellolegs #bootywurk #legday #weightlifting #girlswholift #goforgold #babysteps #pharmfit

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