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Happy Birthday #booshawty! Fried Calamari, the best crab cake I've ever had, CHICKEN FRIED LOBSTER..... Fresh Atlantic salmon, truffle mash, annnnd a bottle of #Malbec... yummmmmmm
Ground lamb, rack of lamb and lamb burgers with broccoli. Lunch for the week, courtesy of #booshawty He did it all himself. #mealprep #lamb #goodeats
1. Beautiful black sand
2. Snow boots
3. Ocean
4. My toes, out of snow boots, across black sand and into the ocean. My mom said it's good luck and momma knows best 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️ Also, #booshawty pointed out that I did it at the southern most tip of South Africa, so it made sense to dip my toes in the North
While I looked forward to the adventurous things in #Iceland, #booshawty was checking the food scene - he gets that from me.
We hit #baejarinsbeztupylsur. The best hotdog spot in the world, I think. Bill #Clinton had it when he came (clearly we're following our Presidents on a tour de food lol - think #Cuba and #Obama ). A sweet brown mustard, ketchup, mayo based sauce, raw onions and fried onions topped it... pretty yum-tastic.

Then we hit #sætasvínið where we I ate... #Puffin. Smoked. Puffin. That cute little bird was smoked and served on a bed of greens alongside a crowberry liqueur sauce. Waaaay too #gamy for me and my heart broke as I took my first bite. Poor puffin.

I'm going to sleep this off... even though #reykjavik at midnight looks like 6:45pm
Me & my #BooShawty She looked sooooo cute today for her #BabyShower I can't wait to meet my baby in September! #GonnaBeAnAuntieAgain #MyVirgoBaby