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giooo68 12m ago
Si cet amour existe uniquement dans mes rêves... Ne me réveille pas.
Special thanks to @bigbootyglo for my amazing makeup for my graduation and @maxilashes for my stunning eyelashes, girls make sure you check that out 👩🏾‍🎓❤
I don't if any of you here are like me where you search the hashtag for the TV show you're watching to see what others think about. If so, there's this app where you can do all of that in one place! Go check it out - link in bio! The Kardashians is my guilty pleasure, what's yours??🤗💖@tvpartyapp #HBTtvPartyApp #tvpartyapp #tvpartypartner #hbtsp
Looking for the easiest way to go out on Halloween and not have to put much effort in? These online brands have got you sorted 💅🏼
Gals and Guys; my first blog post is up on !
Please subscribe for all those fashion and beauty lovers out there
Seeing as it’s Friday tomorrow..head over to my blog to see my September favourites on @beautybaycom 💅🏼! Let me know if you enjoy my recommendations guys!!
Hello fashion lovers,
After a night out, I can spend my day in my PJ’s... unfortunately , sometimes (like today) I can’t do that! However, I can still be as comfy as in my PJ’s with this knitted dress I got from @boohoo. I decided to rock it up a little with my “indispensable” leather jacket from @pullandbear , I got it 3 or 4 years ago and it is definitely one of my wardrobe must have! I love the details on it! And a pair of boots from @pimkie to finish the rockish look!
What about you? What do you wear when you want to feel comfortable?
#fashion #fallfashion #boohoo
كوني جريئة في اختيارك للنقشات هذا الخريف كما ترين في الصورة التالية، ولإطلالة كاجول ليقع خيارك على الفستان الطويل ذات الفتحات العالية على الساق. 👌🏼#Mke #milwaukee #milwaukeefashion #maxidress #boohoo #sunglasses #falldresses #falltrends #pizza
Behind every one of my photos is 900 where my arms look like a pale slenderman 🙄

#ootd #coulette #boohoo #monki #autumn #fashion
Гортай серію, у продажі светр і спідниця👌
1. Спідницю на тілію My american dream
Дуже плотний і якісний джинс🔥
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100% коттон
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2. Вкорочений бежевий светр від #boohoo
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Ідеально пасує до спідниці 😍👍
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