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User Image owenchenmusic Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:57 AM (UTC)
1 Skyline
Some chordal improv over All The Things You Are.

++ Jazz Theory Tip of the day ++

Substitutions make the harmony more interesting. Here’s a few ways to add more sounds to your chordal harmony.

Dominant 7ths (V7) are quite important in jazz harmony, can be colored in many different ways. The 3rd and 7th of a dominant 7th chord are a half step away from the 3rd and root of a major I chord, giving them the tension and pull that causes a listeners ear to anticipate the resolution.

Tri-tone dominant substitutes, are dominant 7th chords a tritone (b5) interval away from the root chord. Tri-tone substitutions work because they share the same 3rd and 7th degree of the original dominant 7th scale, and the root of the tri-tone substitution itself is the +11 of the original chord (you can view that as simply altering the original dominant 7th chord with a sharp 11). •

Dominant chords a minor 3rd up, and a minor 3rd below a root chord also work as substitutes, since they are simply upper structure altered chord tones of the original dominant root (hitting the +9, b9, 13 chord tones).

Diminished chords, likewise come in 4 flavors that can be substituted for a dominant 7th. Starting from the b9 of the root dominant chord, any diminished chord a minor 3rd apart from each other works harmonically as a substitute for the root dominant 7th. •

Now we have 8 options to substitute out our original dominant 7th chord. An example of substituting out a G7 (in a ii-7 V7 I for example) could be Db7, E7, Bb7, Abdim, Bdim, Ddim, Fdim.
User Image craftedchange Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:58 AM (UTC)

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Met for the Test Wing’s Annual Award Boards today for NCO of the Year.... if anything, I got to walk away with a pretty “Official Photo” of myself 😜
#official #blues #bleedingblue #airforce #feelingmyself #goingforgold #awardseason #board #nco #millionairemindset #military
User Image ryzepoetix Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:57 AM (UTC)

0 0 Clarendon
#TBT to @b_ret riffing on the harmonica and my dad riffing on the guitar (to the right, u can't see him, only his guitar) lol I'm ever-so grateful to have this recording. My dad was my #Rockstar and will forever be! 💗#Blues #RythmAndBlues #Freestyle #SoulMusic #Beautiful 🎸🎼🎷
User Image tattedrabbit81 Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:57 AM (UTC)

0 Mayfair
I miss my family even Johnny but don’t tell him I said that 😫 #thursday #blues
User Image terreyhillstavern Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:56 AM (UTC)

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Come join us and some of your favourite Blues Legends on Thursday 15th Feb from 6pm as we farewell the boys before they hit the road on the Hogs for Homeless ride, raising money for Father Chis Riley's "Youth off the Streets"
Tickets are $70pp and consisting of a 3 course meal PLUS entertainment!
We will also be donating $1 from every main meal purchased from 9th -16th of February to the cause.
For bookings please contact our reservations office on 9486 3343.
Tickets are sold in tables and must be pre-booked & pre-paid. #blues #legends #fun
User Image krithimusic Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:52 AM (UTC)

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Practicing “Never Ever” by All Saints. Life can get depressing sometimes and it’s good to sing about it. Swipe left for the pre-chorus and chorus.
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