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User Image ghosts_cant_love Posted: Mar 24, 2018 12:53 AM (UTC)

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Still on my DDG every night streak, but the seemingly almost empty bottle has not budged! It just seems like whenever a product is almost empty, the time stops and it stays in that almost empty state for ages! But that’s ok, I absolutely love the serum.
Friday 🌚 #skincareroutine
1️⃣ #lixirskin electrogel cleanser - I have not been able to put this down since I got it! Instantly elevated to top 5 cleanser status 🥇 I look forward to using it every night❤️
2️⃣ #blithe green tea patting mask. This bottle is just for props, I’ve decanted it in a flip top container and keep in my shower. But I couldn’t take proper showers for a while so I missed it!
3️⃣ #joshrosebrook hydrating accelerator
4️⃣ #alphahskincare vitamin B serum
5️⃣ #katburki essence - has been on its last legs for a couple of months now! But I finally had to flip it upside down. This time it might really be almost empty.
6️⃣ #drdennisgross F&R, let it sink in for a couple of hours...
7️⃣ #joshrosebrook hydrating accelerator followed by the vital balm cream just before bed
User Image nayelleskincare Posted: Mar 23, 2018 6:04 PM (UTC)

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#Repost @goalstogetglowing with @get_repost
🍄Post 2 of 2 on my blog post on mushrooms in Skincare Products🍄
First, This is NOT an exhaustive list. But I tried to add as many as I could. .
Visit my blog (link in bio) for the complete blog post and much bigger images so you don't need to squint 😁
On my blog I provide the complete ingredient list for each product. The mushroom ingredient is highlighted in pink. For me, I like to look for products with a somewhat smaller ingredient list and/or with the key ingredient of interest (in this case, mushrooms), listed higher up so that I know I am getting a good concentration of that ingredient in order to really reap its benefits.👍👍
In each category, the products are listed in order of cost per oz (with the cheapest cost per ounce shown first).
Regarding Picture 3, that chart was based on findings from 4 peer-reviewed journal articles (in addition to some more recent articles that I cite on the blog). But just because there isn't a star next to a certain category doesn't mean that that mushroom variety CAN'T OR DOESN'T do those things, it is just that the articles I reviewed didn't find data to support it yet. More in vivo and clinical studies are needed to develop and validate cosmeceutical formulations with mushrooms. This chart is just supposed to be a simplified summary of the review articles I cite in the picture.
🍄🍄As always, when it comes to skincare your experience may vary!🍄🍄
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User Image yulya.archakova Posted: Mar 23, 2018 4:26 PM (UTC)

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Вот и моя коробочка от @pudra_ru 😍😍😍😍
В состав коробочки вошло😍
🔥Дуохромные тени для век @limonirussia в рефиле, тон 203 🔥 Увлажняющий мист для лица #skinhouse на основе сока алоэ, 80 мл
🔥 Туалетная вода Сады соблазна от #брокаръ (аромат весны, ландыша и душистого горошка) 55 мл 🔥 Маска для лица и шеи #черныйжемчуг 50 мл 🔥Увлажняющий бальзам для губ @beautybar.rus 7 гр
🔥 Шампунь для ковошинга @lorealmakeup 400 мл
🔥Тени для глаз @kissnypro_russia 2,5 гр
🔥 Крем для губ смягчающий от @blistex_russia_official spf 15 6 мл 🔥 Жидкий хайлайтер MAKEUP REVOLUTION @makeuprevolutionrussia 18 мл 🔥Сс-праймер для лица @lumene_russia 20 мл
🔥 Металлический блеск для губ #cosmicmetalllip @nyxcosmetics_russia 4 мл, оттенок CMLC 13
🔥Жидкая матовая помада для губ @maybelline оттенок 50 #dreamer 🔥 Палетка для контуринга @goshrussia 5,4 гр
🔥 Сыворотка @mitovitan
Travel size
⚡️Лак для волос #osis 100 мл ⚡️Увлажняющий спрей для тела @tashacosmetics ⚡️Очищающее масло для лица и тела #xemose @uriage_russia 50 мл
Саше ⚡️Сплеш-маска для сияния «Цитрус и мёд» #blithe 5 мл ⚡️Крем-маска для волос @hairvital 10 мл
Итого: 14 полноразмерных продуктов, 3 трэвел-версии и 2 саше
Не всем конечно я пользуюсь, но попробовать будет интересно) #pudraru #pudradiscoverybox5
User Image manon_almy Posted: Mar 23, 2018 4:21 PM (UTC)

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