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Relaxing like a queen in Ralph Lauren 💜 I feel like this dress is so underrated. (Probably because it was put beside Serena's Zuhair Murad). But it's so pretty and delicate 🦋 *Sorry it took a week for me to post! I've been really busy with assignments, tests, and my internships. I'll be back to posting regularly soon! 💞
Ok so basically I’m done with my top 10 females coz I’ve messed up a lot I don’t know who my number 6 is so really it’s top 9 and idk if I can be bothered to continue lol soz but any way this edit is amazing I don’t ship datherine but they’re both my fave number 1 male and female of all time and there was another part to this edit but it was stelena and I don’t ship them at all so I just cut it out soz
Credit: @arctophily_
the real queen of the upper east side 👑
3 x 01
I'm sorry I've been gone but I'm back now, I'm gonna be posting 2x's (maybe even 3x's) a week from now on. 💋

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