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Keynote Speaker at a Home Office THE NETWORK'S Black History Month Celebration.

The Network is their national BAME staff network with several thousand members and eighteen years in existence.

My theme was Black History as inspiration for personal and community growth.

I shared this platform with several other great speakers including:
Olympian Donna Fraser
Magistrate Billie Savage
Abby Oshodi from the Cabinet Office
Iyamide Thomas of the Sickle Cell Society
Niran Mothada, Head of Customer Improvement and performance at UK Visas
Employment Lawyer Ayesha Casely-Hayford and Laura Sinnett of Lupus UK


Black History is World History which should not be relegated to just a month.

Our history is full of lessons that guide us today, give us roots and inspire us to create a better history

Making Black History Everyday!


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Random searches do not make schools safer. Learn the facts, sign the petition, and speak out tomorrow at 1pm at 333 S Beaudry. Link to the ACLU-backed petition in bio! #Repost @studentsnotsuspects (@get_repost)
Students & teachers gathering at the LAUSD School Board Meeting to protest the unjust, racially discriminatory policy of Mandatory Random Searches in Schools. Help us end the policy! Sign the petition. Link in bio.#studentsdeserve #laschools#losangeles #blacklivesmatter#schoolsnotprisons #students #collegeprep #BLM #aclu #equalrights #humanrights #civilrights #blackhistorymonth #lausd #losangeles #socialjustice #publicschools #teachers #massincarceration #13th
The civilization that built the Sphinx, raised the pyramids and built the world's first library also produced the world's first physician, created geometry and astronomy and were among the first to explore the nature of our existence. And they passed their knowledge onto the world 🌎. Many inventions from Africa contributed to the birth of every technology that exists today. The greatest inventions were the paper, alphabet, ink, and pen. The Kemites of northern Africa discovered the need for something other than stone to write upon; therefore, they invented the paper from stripes of papyrus reed. The word “paper” was derived from the word “papyrus,” a Kemetic word that originally meant “that which belongs to the house.” The ink was made from a combination of vegetable gum, soot, and water. Clearly , many technologies of today would not have been conceived efficiently without the Kemites’ ingenious inventions of the paper, alphabet, ink, and pen. #ancestors #ancientkemet #ancientegypt #anciemtwisdom cont👉🏾👉🏾
RCCG presents "40.
The History of Reading Carnival"
Join us on Friday 27th October at 8pm, Mayor’s Parlour, Civic Centre, Bridge Street for a fabulous evening of the stories, entertainment and music of Reading Carnival, what we have planned for 2018 and how YOU can be a part of Reading's Carnival history!

#readingcarnival2k17 #readingcarnival #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth #reading #rdguk
Waiting on Black Panther like ✊🏿 Who else can't wait til February? 🙋🏾
The origin of the nickname Big Ben is the subject of some debate. The clock tower could have been named after astronomer, mathematician, surveyor, almanac author, farmer, inventor of America's first striking clock and Maryland native, AFRICAN AMERICAN Benjamin Banneker. #blaclexcellence #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #bigben #cbdoil #420girls

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