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It was a pleasure working with you Chris! Good luck with your new job!! We’re all going to miss you! ☺️✌🏽#CoWorkers #BitchesAndHoes #CountTeam #GoodTimes 😂 Lol.. we’re super short standing next to him 💜🤦🏽‍♀️
I would just like to thank my sous chef, dishwasher, personal shopper and all over MVP, my fit guy. Seriously could not have gotten back on track after my glorious fit girl weekend without him 😍. He even vacuumed ladies! He vacuumed 💔💕
My face when the IRRELAVANTSSSS ATTEMPT to bother me. 🤗🙂🙂🙂 #bitchesandhoes #toomuchsalt
The dog mom life! Damn these two can't keep their tongues our of each other mouths! #younasty(inmyblackgirlvoice) #lmao #ziggyandbruno #dogmomlife #bitchesandhoes #puppylove
Well it's national boyfriend day I may not have a boyfriend but I have the best guy friends in the world ❤️appreciation post for y'all love u guys #bitchesandhoes

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